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7 Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pens For Your Brows Of 2023

Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pens: If you need one thing in your makeup vanity then it’s the best eyebrow tattoo pens. If you are looking for the perfect brows, then you should introduce yourself to the best eyebrow tattoo pens.
Tattoo pens are a painless alternative to microblading. Microblading gives you fine brow lines that look like natural hair that, in turn, make your brows look fuller. However, this process is not completely painless.
The unique tip of the tattoo pen creates hair-like pigments in a single-use which looks natural and gives an absolute microblading effect. With so many options available out there, it can get challenging to pick the best temporary tattoo pen, that’s why we have listed the 7 best tattoo pens in this article.

Best Eyebrow Tattoo Pens

1. Boobeen Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo Pen


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The long-lasting formula ensures that your makeup will last all day without smudging or fading through sweat, rain, and even water sports which reduces the flaws caused by faded eyebrows. Unique four-fork tip head, draw the contour of the eyebrow and continue to color inside evenly along brow-shape you draw in the last step to create vivid and natural eyebrows.

With a four-pronged pen head design, this eyebrow pen is easier to draw natural eyebrows than the ordinary eyebrow pencil on the market. You can easily get a natural wild eyebrow, increasing the natural makeup. This micro-blading eyebrow pen can be easily removed with makeup remover or cleansing oil without residue. Making your makeup remover at night easy and simple so that you have a more relaxing time.

Reviewers say: “I like this product! You have to be gentle and kind of use just one end but it lasts all day and night till the next morning. I have no brows so this works wonders for me.” says one buyer.

2. iMethod Eyebrow Pen


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With improved anti-dry formula, the new iMethod eyebrow pen has a much longer product life cycle and more stable usage performance. A significant upgrade on the capacity (3MLs) compared to the original 1ML eyebrow microblading pen, brings 3 times longer usage out of each 1 eyebrow tattoo pen, more durable and cost-effective.

The tiny fork tip of iMethod eyebrow pen can create thin and precise lines that look exactly like human hair. Further, this is waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof and stays on all day in the place. It lasts up to 24 hours if not rubbing the brows too hard.

Reviewers say: “It’s a good product and lasts long on the face…the only issue I have is how often I have to order it because it will dry out quickly.” says one buyer.

3. Lusucat Eyebrow Tattoo Pen


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The brunette Lusucat Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is a little eyebrow pen. It has an applicator that makes applying brow makeup really simple and polished-looking. Even a cosmetics novice finds it simple to use.

You will be able to obtain larger, thicker, and sexier eyebrows prepared for a brow down with a few deliberate, steady strokes. You can choose to elevate or flatten your brows depending on the contour of your face. The way you style your brows may make or break an appearance, so exercise caution!

Reviewers say: “It lasts long like 2 days, and stays on your eyebrows. Good thing though u already wash your face, the tint is still there.” says one buyer.

4. Apooliy Eyebrow Tattoo Pen


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Utilize the Apooliy Eyebrow Pen to improve your brows by filling in the gaps, much like the greatest eyebrow tattoo machine. It contains a four-point brush that efficiently distributes color for a rich, realistic appearance while shaping your brows.

Nothing is more desirable than a set of well-groomed brows since they may make or break an appearance. Build your brows or simply define them for a more natural look by using the dark brown pencil applicator. Add brow gel on top to give it a more defined appearance.

Reviewers say: “Easy to apply except it does take practice. I saw other reviews that said theirs was dried up, but mine was not dried up at all.” says one buyer.

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5. OETUIOW Eyebrow Tattoo Pen


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This eyebrow pencil’s color is light brown, but it is more like medium brown, so it will suitable for many hair colors, such as blonde, linen and maroon hair. This eyebrow pen will create a natural eyebrow to compliment all makeup looks, just like your real eyebrow even other people see you closely.

You can easily achieve perfect brows with this 4-point eyebrow pen and save your time. Gently paint the outline of the eyebrows with a pen, and continue to draw the last step along the shape of the eyebrows to create vivid and natural eyebrows. Also, you can use it for filling hairline, eyelashes, and beard.

The long-lasting formula of the eyebrow tattoo pen is waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof with anti-dry formula. This micro-blading eyebrow pen is best for a makeup bag and wallet.

Reviewers say: “I wish that they had more colors. I purchased the lightest one, and it is still is a little dark for my coloring. Works like a charm and does everything that it says it will.” says one buyer.

6. TurritopsisD Eyebrow Pen


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TurritopsisD Eyebrow Pen is the item you should include in your next beauty purchase if you enjoy liquid makeup. Choose a brow colour that matches your hair colour from chestnut, brown, black, or dark grey to start building the brow-mance you’ve been searching for so passionately!

This is the best option if you value perfection because it includes an eyebrow brush to tame those little rebels. In order to easily and securely remove any undesirable growth on or around the brows, the package also contains an eyebrow razer!

Reviewers say: “I like that its a small tip, as I’m just trying to fill sparse eyebrows in a little, not paint on fake-looking brows. The brush included also helps brows look natural.” says one buyer.

7. Eyenjoy Eyebrow Pen


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There are four colors to choose from, this eyebrow tattoo pen creates very natural looking and defined brows that beautifully frame your face to compliment all makeup looks.

Further, this sweatproof and waterproof eyebrow pencil with quick dry inks keeps your makeup long-lasting for all day. Don’t worry about losing color or getting dirty from sweat, rain, or even water sports. The eyebrow pen also comes off easily with makeup remover or oil cleanser. Convenient and quick to remove makeup.

Reviewers say: “I was glad I got this shade. When I first saw it on the website, I doubted that it would work for my skin tone, but it turned out just perfect!” says one buyer.


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