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10 Ways to Find and Get Inspiration for Writing

Finding inspiration is not something that can be done easily. Yes, in the movies the main character just needs to get to his favorite park, or a bar, where they meet their muse, and everything unfolds.

Unfortunately, nothing like this happens in real life, so you need to do much better digging. Before we start giving you tips, let’s make it clear — why do you actually need inspiration for writing? In theory, everything should be rather simple. You just start writing, and you don’t get distracted, and you finish writing when you are done with everything you wanted to say on this topic.

The reality is much more difficult than that. Your brain may perfectly know that you need to get done with some assignment on time, but you just won’t do it, because you don’t feel any motivation to write.

Inspiration is a fancy, creative word to explain the combination of motivation and needed level of concentration balanced enough to deal with some particular tasks. Here, we have prepared some ideas on how you can find inspiration for writing and make it help you with your daily writing assignments.

Follow the latest trends in relevant topics

To be inspired to do something, in general, is not enough. It is important to be inspired according to something specific that you can turn into an essay. Subscribe to various newsletters and updates. When you feel yourself in the loop, you will feel much more free to deal with some topics that previously seemed challenging.

Get enough sleep and fresh air

You will be surprised, but there is a direct correlation between how rested you are, and how much fresh air you have in the room (compared to CO2), and your inspiration level. If your body spends its last resources on supporting your health, it definitely won’t support the idea of you being creative right now. Our brain needs all the resources you can get to it, and only when it is well rested, can you actually get truly inspired for something bigger.

Cut on sugar. A lot!

Sugar is one of the simplest ways to get inspired for a very, very short term. Sugar makes you agitated. There are just two problems (not speaking of health issues now) — agitation after sugar intake lasts very briefly. You won’t be able to get enough sugar-induced inspiration to write an essay. A second problem — you feel bad and zero-motivated once the sugar effect dials down.

Analyze your concentration level

Inspiration is hugely dependent on your concentration level. At first, you need to understand what this level is right now, whether you are too concentrated or not concentrated enough, whether you need to focus, or you need to relax. It is not an easy task. People are normally not much aware of their states and feelings and cannot distinguish between those two easily.

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Take your concentration under control

Both over-concentration and lack of concentration are bad for your motivation and inspiration, especially when it comes to assignments that require both creativity and diligence. When you are not concentrated enough, you cannot follow your own thoughts, you cannot write for long, and you definitely cannot edit.

When you are over-concentrated, ideas jump in your head hastily, and you want to do everything at the same time, which doesn’t play well for your essays. If you lack concentration, add something that irritates you — music, tv sounds, use air conditioner to cool down the room to an uncomfortable degree, wash your face with cold water several times, etc.

If you are over-concentrated — try meditating, try doing some sorting of clothes or other items, or go for a brief walk or run. 

Watch a good movie

You know this feeling when you watch a movie, or read a good book, and you feel like you would love to do the same with your life, would love to reach the same heights, to make the world a better place, or at least become a better version of yourself. This inspiration doesn’t last too long, but it is enough to get you started on some assignments you have been kicking down the road for some time.

Delegate minor tasks

More often than not, inspiration is late to come when you have too much on your plate, when you see some endless list of tasks, and you know for sure you cannot deal with them on time. You just lose all the motivation.

To clear your mind and your schedule, address one of the writing services and make room for assignments you really care about. Delegate some of your papers to academic experts from custom writing services, and you will feel like a bird ready to sing.

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Clean around. Yes, now

We all know about this idea of an artist who needs some chaos in order to be creative. It may be true for some of us, but generally both the process of cleaning up, and the results are very inspirational. It gives you a feeling of control that later turns into pure inspiration.

Use various events for inspiration

There are many online and offline events you can use to get inspired. It is time to check on the ones closest and the most convenient to you. There is no need to visit many, one conference is normally enough for a month or even more.

There is much more to inspiration than just some tips, tricks, steps, flows, concentration levels, etc. It is important to catch your own wave, to feel when you can get in that amazing state when everything is possible and just write what you need to write, or design what you want to design.

It is impossible to imagine life without some moments in which you feel inspired. One small reminder — even if you apply all these tips, you cannot count on inspiration lasting forever. It just doesn’t happen. So when you feel inspired, be sure to make the most of it!

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