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Google Photos to Get an AI-Powered ‘Ask Photos’ Feature

AI-powered Google Photos can recognize the context and subject of photos and display the appropriate image based on search inputs.

Google Photos received a surprise makeover during the Google I/O 2024 keynote speech on Tuesday. The session, headed by CEO Sundar Pichai, featured numerous key artificial intelligence (AI) announcements, such as new updates for Gemini 1.5 Pro, new Google Search features, the release of new image and video AI models, and more. Surprisingly, the tech giant also revealed Ask Photos, a new AI-powered intelligent chatbot for Google Photos that makes searching for a certain image in the library easier.

During the event, Pichai stated that the company is now utilizing Gemini’s capabilities to create more powerful search experiences throughout Google products. One such example is Google Photos, which was one of the tech giant’s first platforms to include AI capabilities.

Before the new improvements, AI technologies in photos could only understand basic keywords and specific subjects, which could be used to assist users find the photographs they were looking for. However, with the latest intelligent search tool, Ask Photos, this procedure may become a lot easier.

Ask AI is powered by Gemini and is fine-tuned as a search engine. It can understand natural language prompts and can read and understand a large number of photos by their subject, background, and even digital information in the metadata. “With Ask Photos, you can ask for what you’re looking for in a natural way, like: “Show me the best photo from each national park I’ve visited.” Google Photos can show you what you need, saving you from all that scrolling,” the company said in a post.

Furthermore, it can answer questions based on this information. For example, a user can ask about the theme of an office party, and the AI will review the images and provide information. It may even inform the user what color shirt they were wearing that day.

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The tech giant believes that the AI tool can do more than just search and answer questions. The AI may also generate a highlight reel from a recent trip by proposing top photos and adding tailored commentary for each one in case the user wishes to post it on social media.

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Google is also focusing on the privacy of user data. Ask Photos will be trained on users’ photo galleries, giving them access to private and sensitive information. However, the technology giant stated that this data will never be used for advertising.

In addition, the company will not review these chats or personal data in Ask Photos unless abuse and injury are addressed. The business also stated that the data will not be utilized to train any AI products other than Google Photos.

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