4 Things to Buy Before You Pick Up Your New Dog

Adopting a dog from a reputable animal shelter, or indeed buying a puppy from a well-researched and respected dog breeder, is one of the most exciting things for any animal lover.

It is, however, a huge responsibility, and what is more, it is absolutely crucial to do everything you can to properly and responsibly prepare for your new arrival. So, with that being said, continue reading to learn four things to buy before you pick up your new dog.

1. A Variety of Toys

Dogs and puppies need as much physical stimulation and playful activities as they do emotional stimulation, love, and affection, and you should invest in some dog-safe and specifically designed dog toys.

Choose durable materials, like rope toys, and always buy brightly colored chew toys which will serve to encourage your dog to chew on their toys rather than items of furniture, your shoes, or, indeed, your fingers.

2. Collar & ID Tag

It is, actually, both in the United States and the United Kingdom, a criminal offense to not have a collar and registered identification tag attached to the leash of your dog when they are outside of the house. This law is in place for both your dog’s and your own protection.

As a rule, your dog’s leash should be at least four feet long, although obviously, you can use a shorter training lead for disobedient dogs and younger dogs and puppies. Additionally, you may well want to invest in a waterproof jacket and a new hat, scarf, and pair of gloves for the colder months, as regardless of the age, size, or personality of your dog, they require at least one decent walk each and every day.

3. Vet Registration & Pet Insurance

The hope for your new beloved pooch is that they will only need to visit the vet when they need their annual vaccinations and have general health check-ups.

However, the unfortunate reality is that your dog may well need an emergency vet appointment. This is why you should immediately register your dog with a reputable and prestigious vet, such as easyvet.com and invest in comprehensive pet insurance.

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4. Bowls & Beds

For the first few days and even weeks of your new dog being introduced to their new home and family, they will understandably find it hard to relax and may even whine and cry at night, even if you allow them to sleep in your bedroom.

The best way to ensure that your dog becomes acclimatized to their new environment and home as quickly as possible is to invest in blankets, cuddly toys, and a plush and durable dog bed, one for the living room and another for the room in which they will be sleeping. 

You should also invest in some heavy water bowls and food bowls, or even better, an automatic food dispenser and fresh water dispenser, to ensure that your dog always has enough to eat and drink throughout the day and night.

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