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10 Memorable And Genius Proposal Ideas To Get A ‘Yes’

From unforgettable ways to unique proposals, these 10 are some of our all-time favorites.

In most cases, a marriage proposal only happens once in a lifetime, so almost everyone wants it to be memorable and perfect. Even if you’re 100% sure your partner will say “yes” when the time comes to ask one of the most important questions it’s better to make it memorable and unique. So it’s advisable to implement some memorable and genius proposal ideas to get an immediate “yes”.

It’s the moment in your relationship when everything changes around you two, thus it needs to be completely different. So for anyone who wants to make this moment unforgettable, we rounded up some of the most unique proposal ideas that are sure to get a “yes.”

Outdoor Proposal Ideas

1. Beach Proposal

Beach Proposal

Beach is the ultimate proposal place for people who love the sand and sea. Most people enjoy proposing on a beach as it’s a romantic place to propose to your loved one. Plan to add family members and friends as a surprise along with a romantic love note on the beach, your partner will never forget this amazing outdoor proposal idea.

2. Underwater Proposal

Underwater Proposal

Want to do some extraordinary things to propose to your partner, then the underwater proposal is the best among all outdoor proposal ideas. This is the perfect idea to surprise your partner as they never expect this type of idea, it’s completely unique and amazing way to get a “yes”.

3. Mountain Top Proposal

Underwater Proposal

If you both love nature and hiking then I suggest hiking to the top of the mountain to give your partner a surprise. Plan everything beforehand, act like normal, and select the perfect timing for it. Once you get to the top of the mountain surprise your partner with this amazing proposal idea.

4. Central Park Proposal

Underwater Proposal

While some people love to propose in a private place, many love to make it public by involving all of their friends and family members. If you are the kind of person who loves to propose in a public place then what could be a better place than central park.

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Memorable Proposal Ideas

5. Recreate Your First Date

Recreate Your First Date

Recreating your first date is an excellent idea to implement. Plan your proposal in the same place where you met your partner for the first time and try to recreate the scene. If its a restaurant then plan the dinner the same as the first one and add your proposal note on top of it, you can also add your own ideas as per the situation.

6. Do it When They Least Expect It

Do it When They Least Expect It

While half of the ideas over the internet are nearly the same, you can create your own situation to completely surprise your partner. Nobody knows your partner better than you, so do something which your partner never expects from you. You could propose playing a personalized record or hiding your note inside a book.

7. Personalized Chocolates

Personalized Chocolates

Most people love chocolates, if your other half is one of them then this idea is perfect for you. Treat your partner with a pretty box of personalized handmade chocolates which carries your proposal. You can further customize your chocolate flavors to give it a pretty look. I am sure your other half will definitely love this idea.

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8. Do It Before The New Year

Do It Before The New Year

What will be the most memorable thing than a romantic proposal before the new year? Plan everything for New Year’s Eve and go somewhere outside for the new year’s fireworks.

It’s advisable to propose your other half 5 minutes before the New Year. With people cheering and splendid fireworks around you, this will be the most memorable thing you both remember always.

Private Proposal Ideas

Here are two of the most unique private proposal ideas that will definitely get a “yes” from your partner.

9. Morning Mirror Proposal

Morning Mirror Proposal

The morning mirror proposal idea is one of my favorite idea which I love to share with others. Fill your room with pictures and memories of your relationship, and cover them with curtains. Create a romantic proposal note on the face mirror and wait for the partner to see it, then uncover the curtains and propose with a ring.

10. Put It In The Newspaper

Newspaper Proposal

Most couples spend their holidays and Sunday mornings reading the paper, so it’s perfect to place your customized proposal in the ad space to get your partner’s attention. Don’t just add a text note, try to add a customized picture of your other half to look it perfect.


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