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How To Tell If You’re In Love Or Not: 6 Ways To Identify

Confused about whether its love or not? Here are 6 ways to find out.

Ever wondered whether you are truly in love or its just infatuation? How to tell if you are in love or not? It can be confusing.

Figuring out how to understand if you’re in love with someone may be a tricky thing for everybody, especially in the event that you’ve never been in love before. Love is a pure thing, and it can’t be forced by artificial approaches. It is not just a feeling. It is not a goal at the end of the tunnel.

In contrast, it can only develop when you begin to have a realistic conception of what this person is able to offer you. If you’re working to figure out the way to tell when you’re in love, this a huge sign to consider. The best thing about being in love with someone is you don’t require a constant stream of conversation.

You think you might love them but don’t feel it deep inside. The main difference between both is that infatuation is a short-lived passion for someone where love is a deep affection for someone that lasts lifelong.

Infatuation is like that you feel like you are in love but actually, you are not and after a certain amount of time you will be feeling bored and separated whereas in the case of others it’s a lifelong lasting emotion.

You may be wondering, however, whether infatuation can become love. Even the most secure men and women feel jealousy from time to time. Whether it is an urge to impress him or a way to get ready for your future together, you will know you’re in love when he makes you need to be a better person.

Still not sure where you are in love or not? Follow our 6 tips to know whether its love or not.

How To Tell If You’re In Love Or Not?

1. You Are Creating A Lot Of Drama

love or not

Drama happens once there’s an absence of affection within the relationship. Love is tender and sweet, not dramatic. You don’t blow up at somebody you like and make them feel ugly regarding themselves.

You don’t bring up somebody you like behind their back negatively and then treat them surprisingly face to face. But, if you’re infatuated, and have plenty of intense (and insecure) feelings towards them, then drama is certain to be a gift in your relationship.

2. Suddenly You Have Lost Interest With Your Partner

love or not

If you aren’t in love then there will be a point after that you will lose interest with your partner and will start ignoring & avoiding them. The simple explanation to this is that the infatuation you feel about them is gone and has been replaced by loss of passion and interest.

3. You Feel Alone and Separated

love or not

If it’s not true, then after a certain period you will feel alone and separated because the person in infatuation craves for attention and always wait to be connected to someone. But in love, you always feel the presence of your partner in each work and it feels like your partner is with you in every place.

4. You Want Everything To Be Perfect

love or not

In love, you accept the person as like him and you endorse them with certain qualities but when you start creating a set of rules like

  • You can’t argue
  • No fights allowed etc.

then it’s definitely not love.

5. You Think You Know Everything, But Actually Not

love or not

When you feel like you know everything about your partner but actually you are not then its the answer to your question “How To Tell If You’re In Love Or Not” and the answer is that it’s just infatuation.

In love, we always find a way to talk with our partner, what they like, their day to day life kinds of stuff and every little thing. However, if you never sat down with your partner nor talked with them expect certain limited things then it surely not love. It’s just Infatuation.

6. You Always Feel Tired And Confusedlove or not

Love doesn’t drain your energy like that. It actually provides you energy. That’s because you’re in a very higher energy level, where gratitude and joy are, and they don’t seem to be draining to your energy, they create you feel nice. Negative states, like jealousy, worry, or fear, take plenty of energy to manifest and bear, and that’s why they drain you.

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Bottom Line:

Still confused about How To Tell If You’re In Love Or Not, then you should know the fact first that most human beings on Earth fall in love at least one time during their lives, however, therefore it isn’t a rare thing. It isn’t necessary that you need to live with somebody you love as that man or woman may not love you back. Most people today wish to feel reassured that the other person loves them since they do not need to get left for another person.

When you’re in love, you simply know. Quit thinking you have to work hard to make love. At first, it may truly feel a great deal like love. Love is a pure, intense and excellent emotion that’s felt for a different individual. So, as you can fall in love with somebody you’ve never met, whether you keep in love with that individual is quite another issue. One-sided love lives just on hope.

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