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YouTube Redesign Tests Replacing Library With ‘You’ Tab

YouTube is currently experimenting with a new design. As part of this revamp, it appears that the Library tab may be removed. Google is currently experimenting with the look of YouTube on Android smartphones.

The “Library” tab might be replaced with a new “You” tab, relocating the user’s profile picture and details to the bottom of the navigation bar.

Access your profile from the navigation bar

Currently, the user profile and all that comes with it can be found at the top-right corner of YouTube. This detail might be moved to the bottom with the design changes. The new “You” tab will include the functionality of the previous Account and Library menus.

According to a 9to5Google report, this design option would effectively disrupt Google’s consistency maintained throughout all of its products, taking cues from social media platforms like Instagram.

The “You” tab displays user information as well as quick access to buttons for switching accounts, managing Google accounts, and entering Incognito Mode. App settings are now easily accessible via the gear icon, which guides users to their preferences.

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Revamped YouTube app

The redesigned YouTube interface would also alter the look of “History” and “Playlists” on the YouTube app. This suggests that YouTube is abandoning its library’s list-like appearance.

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This new page will also include your Videos, Downloads, Clips, Movies, Premium Benefits, Time Watched, Help and feedback.

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