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What You Need To Know About Biohacking

Biohacking at the most basic of levels can be described as a “new word” for an “old idea”. This idea revolves around what you do to your body will change the way you feel and live and live a longer more productive life.

This involves eating better to feel better, training the body to lose fat and building muscles, and training the brain to solve problems easier and faster. When you assimilate knowledge, drinks, and food, you are biohacking. Biohackers view their bodies as complex tools where they upload programs and ideas through lifestyle or exercise, which typically changes the way the body works for them.

Biohackers also advocate awareness when it comes to their physical responses and their bodies. In many cases, intuitive changes often make a significant difference when it comes to how you function and feel.

The main aim of biohacking will depend on a deeper understanding and knowledge of human biology and in some cases an experimental approach when it comes to changing your lifestyle.

What Can Biohacking Do For You?

Biohacking enthusiasts believe that when you have a better understanding of human biology along with using technology and special techniques you can tap into your full potential helping you to become a better version of yourself: smarter, fitter, better. Below are 5 ways that a beginner-level biohacker can assist with resolving a few of the universal-level human problems:

1. Improve Your Sleep

Insomnia is a massive problem for many people around the world. People that experience issues with their sleeping patterns often experience a significant knock-on effect when it comes to every other part of their life.

Is it possible to biohack the body into sleeping better? Finding out about your circadian rhythm along with understanding what is triggering your sleeplessness may help. Making sure the room is dark, implementing a soothing bedtime routine, and switching off any unnatural light close to bedtime can promote better sleep. 

2. Use Apps, Wearable Sensors, Or Monitors To Track Restfulness

These tools can assist you with plotting your sleep patterns which will include the quality and depth of your sleep. This may be able to help you connect the links to your sleep quality and your behavior.

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Avoid caffeinated beverages at night so that you can sleep better. This may sound obvious, yet when you are improving how you understand your biological responses, you learn how to train your body so that you can achieve better sleep. 

3. Start Eating Better

Biohacking has a lot to do with common sense, along with a stronger focus on monitoring responses and changes, self-experimentation, and starting to develop your own evidence base. You can easily start biohacking your life when you start to change what you eat.

Following a diet that is high in whole foods and eliminating processed foods is one of those no-brainers. All of us have tried eating healthier, getting fitter, and losing weight. But when it comes to biohacking you should be monitoring any changes that you experience.

This includes how you feel and looking for solid methods to quantify that. Wakefulness, energy levels, and the right sleeping patterns are all possible when you start following a healthier diet. 

4. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Biohacking should mean staying away from fad diets. Biohackers strongly believe that you need to better understand human biology and then make lifestyle changes that will direct the body to conduct even larger positive changes.

Once again when you monitor your lifestyle carefully and identify any new trends or needs, you are successfully focusing on the main parts of biohacking.

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5. Intermittent Fasting

This is also known as the 5:2 diet, where you reduce your calorie intake by 60% to 75% for 2 to 3 days a week. This diet is strongly related to biohacking with significant evidence regarding its benefits linked to disease processes and health, boosting the immune system, and increasing brain power. 

6. Be grateful

Biohacking involves more than just the body, it also encompasses the mood and mind. It is not always possible to constantly maintain a cheery and positive outlook. However, taking time out of your day to steer your thoughts towards things that make you feel lucky or glad is incredibly positive and well-documented.

Reflecting on the best things that have happened to you often triggers a dramatic shift when it comes to how you feel, improving and stabilizing your mood.

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