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What Does MHM Mean? Facts And How To Use It

Looking for the meaning of MHM? MHM is a sound that most English speakers identify with the word “yes”. To be more explicit, it’s a lengthy “mmmm” sound followed by another long “hmmm” sound, which sounds similar to humming.

What Does Mhm Mean?

Given the widespread use of online acronyms, you might conclude that mhm must stand for something at first glance. However, mhm is not an acronym at all. However, it is a favorable answer that indicates agreement with you as the acronym ‘mm-hmmm’.

Mhm is used in the same way in person as it is online or via text messaging. In general, mhm always indicates “yes”, but it isn’t always as clear or enthusiastic as a direct “yes”.

How Mhm Works?

A question is often posed to another individual that requires a yes or no response. If the other person is thinking yes, they may simply choose to enter Mhm instead.

When used in conversation, mhm might be viewed differently depending on how it is said. The tone of the person’s voice influences whether they respond yes with passion or apathy.

Unfortunately, you can’t truly convey a person’s exact tone of voice online or in a text the way they can in person, so you’ll have to depend on other criteria to interpret any answer including mhm.

The context of the conversation as well as the relationship between the questioner and the answerer might help you understand what someone truly means when they respond with mhm.

When To Use Mhm

Mhm is often used interchangeably with yeah, but there is a time and place for it. If you wish to add it to your online/texting vocabulary, consider the following general suggestions.

  • When you are having a very casual conversation then you can fine to use mhm in place of yeah.
  • Further, if you have more to say after you give your answer then you can add mhm to reflect you are saying yeah.
  • If you’re thinking “yes” should be your answer, but your emotions aren’t fully on board then a simple mhm may be enough.

Further, if you’re having a professional conversation or you have no doubts about saying yes then it’s wise to use yes in place of Mhm.

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Examples Of How Mhm Is Used

Example 1

Amy: “Did you receive the file I sent you yesterday?”

Jenny: “mhm”

In the first example above, Jenny only needs to answer yes or no. Jenny chooses to use mhm, which isn’t quite as crystal clear and direct as saying yes, but it may hint at the fact that a casual, friendly relationship exists between the two of them.

Example 2

James: “Are you sure you’re okay to go home alone?”

Emily: “Mhm.”

In this example, you can that the two friends are in super casual conversation and Emily replies with mhm in yeah.

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