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Make Him Feel Special: Cute Ways To Propose To Your Guy!

Make it grand or make it classic, love flourish in every way.

When it comes to beginning a relationship or proposing for marriage we frequently rely on men to take the call. Nonetheless, it is 2020, and we as feminists, aren’t likely to wait around for guys to select the call. So this time if I really like somebody, I am going to tell him how I feel and express my commitment to him and the same you must do too.

When I find out that the majority of the girls scout the web for help on these topics, I could not prevent myself from giving my view. That is why I chose to write this guide to help and encourage women to take an initiative in this case also. When it comes to love the life we have equal responsibility as boys.

From asking someone out to proposing to him for marriage, here is a complete guide on how to propose to a guy. Whether your guy is a shy introvert or a sports lover, you should plan a proposal around his likes and dislikes to make him feel special.

What Is The Best Way To Propose A Guy?

 Best Way To Propose A Guy

It’s important to understand a person before you ask them to date or marry you. So your first step should be to learn more about his preferences – his likes & dislikes. This will also ease the process of planning a proposal easier.

For instance, if he enjoys traveling, an outdoor proposal could be his dream come true and the best idea to implement. On the other side, if he is a movie lover then you can plan a day about that activity. You can also pamper your guy with his favorite chocolates, flowers, and presents.

The next step should be dropping hints before popping the big question. Nobody wants his guy to be shocked, so start giving him certain hints to make him ready for the situation. If you’re planning a marriage proposal then do some mock test in a funny way to test him before making any proposal.

Here Is How You Can Propose To A Guy Indirectly By Giving Hints


  1. I think you must know about the best friend trick? Friends don’t stop themselves from sharing secrets. So spill the beans on his best friend’s mind and it will anyhow spread to his ears. This way, he will be expecting a big proposal.
  2. Couples who love each other always talk about their future. So share hints about how you see things in longterm with him and he will definitely get the idea.
  3. Every couple, those who plan to see themselves together for lifelong always try to bond with significant other’s family. So if you make an effort to get to know about his family then he will get the idea about your plans.

How Do I Propose Him To Be My Boyfriend?

Proposing Him For A Relationship

You may be casually seeing someone for some time and want to make it official by requesting him out, it may look tricky but if you understand each other well, you can expect what he would like.

dating tips men

You may recreate your very first date or even choose a weekend road trip or maybe a candlelight dinner. The key is to plan something special the both of you will enjoy and remember for the rest of your lives. Here are a number of ways in which you can ask a man, depending on his character, likes, and dislikes.

1. Intimate Message

Believe me, secret notes work like magic and one of the cutest way to propose to your guy. From a little one near his phone to in his pocket and bag, he can find these cute notes throughout the day. Lastly, end the day with the final piece of the note.

2. A Day Out 

Want to make your guy feel special? How about spending a complete day with your guy. Plan a day out, add fun activities and see the magic. This will bring the child inside your guy and at the end of the day you can pop the question and tell him that you would like to have fun and laugh with him every day.

3. Romantic Dinner Date

Nothing more romantic than a candlelight dinner. Give him a surprise by planning a candlelight dinner. Make reservations at his favorite restaurant, order a bottle of champagne and also request him to be your boyfriend. You might even add a violinist into the mix if you’re a fan of those romantic beats.

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Proposing Him For Marriage

Prepared to take the big step? Then why not surprise him by popping the question, you can always ask your boyfriend the question rather waiting for it. “Will you marry me?” it may look straightforward but there’s a certain quantity of work and preparation that goes into planning the proposal.

How To Fix A Broken Relationship

From ring to the setup and the ideal words, you need to match his personality. So as to help you out, here are a couple of ways that you’ll be able to propose for your boyfriend.

1. Plan A Grand Proposal 

Be an over the top girlfriend and make your boyfriend feel awesome by a grand proposal. Pick up a place, set up the decoration, a live band, a fancy dinner setting by a nearby lake. Do not forget to book a professional photographer to capture the moments. Prepare a speech on how much you love him and make him feel special.

2. Private Proposal

Some guys want these things private, If your boyfriend is one of them then you can plan something small and intimate for just the two of you. It could be a movie night, complete with his favorite snacks, candy, and popcorn. Hide the ring in the snacks or inside popcorn so he can stumble across it and pop the question!

3. Classic Proposal

The old school way always works! One of the classic ways of proposing him for Marriage is by taking him out on a dinner date. Go down on one knee with the ring in hand and tell him how much you love him. Yes, not only guys we can do this too. This role reversal might surprise him but the effort you put into the proposal will unquestionably make a difference. Just be honest and make him feel your love.


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