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The 6 Primary Features to Look for in Any Dating Site

What makes one dating site better than the others? Well, it’s whichever site that has all the features to give you the best chance of success. That’s a pretty simplistic answer, but it’s true.

Most online dating experiences will involve things like setting up detailed profiles, getting matched using an algorithm, and receiving messages from other members. The question is, does the dating site offer a version of these features that works for you?

Take the profile set-up process, for instance. Would you prefer to just put in basic personal info, a profile picture, and your favorite Star Wars quote? If so, dating apps would be the way to go.

Do you want to give the algorithm plenty to work with by filling out detailed questionnaires? Dating sites that focus on finding “love that lasts” are ready and waiting. Or perhaps you are looking for more of a speed dating format, where you can talk eye-to-eye and if it doesn’t feel right, move right onto the next – like you can with video chat platforms like Fruzo. There is a dating site for everyone – you just have to know what to look for. 

1. What goes into creating an account?

The details of the signup process are worth expanding on. Some dating sites only require the bare minimum, others ask you psychology-based questions so you can get matched with your soul mate. 

What’s the strategy behind the various approaches? Well, take the first example – just the basics. Since you aren’t baring your soul for the algorithm, there’s a decent chance that your recommended matches will be randomized, or based on location rather than personality traits. This is best for singles who aren’t looking for anything too specific.

Then there’s the second example. If you’re looking for highly accurate matches, you’ll have to spend a lot more time setting up your account. You won’t just fill out questionnaires for the algorithm; you’ll be telling other members about yourself in your profile. The whole process could take more than an hour, but you’re really just putting in the work to get the rewards.

2. Can you integrate Facebook or Instagram with your dating profile?

Plenty of people use social media to document important life events, personalities, friends, and pets. It’s impossible to include that much detail on a dating profile, but if your social media account can be integrated with your dating account, it tells people that you’re open about the kind of person you are online.

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It’s a way of verifying your identity so that other users can trust that you’re there for the right reasons. A lot of dating platforms allow integration with Facebook, Instagram, and occasionally Google+. 

You can also save time when you’re signing up – once you’ve integrated the two accounts, the dating site will export the relevant information from social media, so you end up with fewer fields to fill in.

3. Does the dating platform give you the ability to block and report suspicious accounts?

Not everyone on a dating platform is there to find love – some of them are looking for money. Romance scams happen on pretty much every dating app and website, and it’s important that you have the tools you need to keep them out of your inbox.

The ability to block messages from scammers, spammers or just other users who are being too pushy is essential for you to stay in control of your online dating experience. 

If you have to open your inbox wondering how many copy-paste scam messages you’ve gotten, instead of looking forward to seeing your new matches, that’s a sign that things are going south. You should not only be able to block suspicious accounts but report the scammers to the dating site – that way nobody else will have to deal with them either.

4. Can you use search tools to find what you want?

Even with the best algorithm, sometimes you just know that you could be getting better matches with the right tool. As it happens, that tool is a search tool, and some dating sites have gotten pretty advanced. 

At a minimum, you can search for matches by distance, age, and gender. Take it a couple of steps up, and you can search by religion, eye color, income, ethnicity, occupation, height, and more.

If a dating platform decides to go all the way with their search tool, like OkCupid, you’ll be able to search keywords instead of just certain pre-determined characteristics. You simply have to type in what you want to see in a matching profile, like “the Beatles” or “gourmet cheese lover”, and bingo – you’ll get straight to the most relevant results.

5. Are you able to filter out the stuff you aren’t interested in?

Maybe you can block the users that are definitely bad news, and use a search tool to find the best matches. But what about all the messages from people who are just never going to work for you? They could have terrible spelling, a drinking habit, or a penchant for profanity – whatever it is, it’s something that’s a dealbreaker for you. 

A filter can help weed out some of the stuff you don’t want, so you can focus on what you do want. It could come in the form of inbox settings, search filters, or even automatic messaging restrictions for users that meet certain criteria.

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6. Does the dating platform have a solid customer service team?

Everyone needs help every now and then, and online dating is no exception. Pick a platform that’s willing to give some extra attention to their members, whether they’re having problems with their account, or they just need some assurance that they’re on the right track. 

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How will you be changing the way you look at dating platforms?

It’s hard to know which one to pick, especially with most dating sites recommending themselves like they’re the answer to all your prayers. You don’t have to take their word for it, though. If you do your own research beforehand, you’ll be more confident in the way things go during the online dating process. Now all that’s left to do is get started – after all, there’s no time like the present!

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