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How To Take Hot Pictures To Send To Your Boyfriend?

These hot picture ideas will make him chase you and miss you like crazy.

It takes a lot to make a relationship smooth and intimacy is one of them. Sending sexy pictures to your significant other not only teases him but also makes him keep interested in you forever. Further, this will make sure he emotionally stays connected with you.

So if you are planning to send some naughty pictures to your guy and have no idea how to click one then we are here to help you. If you are really sure and confident about the guy and you want to send him some naughty pictures, here are some naughty picture ideas to sweep him off his feet!

Sexy Picture Ideas To Send To Your Guy

Be it teasing with lingerie or just lying between the sheets, here are some sexy picture ideas that will definitely turn him on!

1. Show Off Your Legs


Showing your leg to him is one way to tease him. Lie down on your back, cross your legs, and put them facing the wall. Click a picture of your long, slender legs showing him your sexy side! It will turn him on instantly. Send your boyfriend pictures like this and then watch the magic unfold!

2. Show Your Belly


Click a picture of the sexy belly. The belly can trigger anyone if it is slim. Slim figures attract any guy very easily. So, if you have a flat tummy then take a photo and send it to him. While clicking the picture don’t forget to show your navel. It will make him even crazier.

3. Wear His Shirt

Taking a picture wearing his shirt with a few buttons open is a great idea to make him go crazy for you. Show a little cleavage, because there’s something uber sexy about a girl wearing her boyfriend’s oversized shirt. In her guide on how to take pictures to send your boyfriend to turn him on, this one is right at the top!

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4. After A Shower In A Towel


Almost every guy dream about being in a shower with his girlfriend. So why doesn’t fulfill his dream? I mean not in real, just to tease him. Click a picture in a towel after your shower. When he will see this picture he will start imagining you taking a shower. And this makes him crazy.

5. Thin Shirt With No Bra

One thing that teases him the most is when he sees something yet is unable to see it completely. This makes him want more. If you want him to go crazy for you then wear a light shirt with nothing inside. He can feel that but even can’t see it clearly. If you wear a wet shirt then it makes you incredibly hot.

6. Show Your Cleavage


Nothing can be much hotter than showing your cleavage. Men get crazy when they see a woman’s cleavage. Those round hills-like things will definitely make him go crazy.

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7. Take A Picture From Above

Man gets mad when they look at your cleavage. Taking a picture from above goes a little deeper. Your man will try to look a little deeper in your bra. Click a shot from above to show him a tunnel where he can’t go.

8. Dress Up Or Undress To Tease Him

You don’t need to send your nude shots to tease him. You just need to get your sexy shots to make him miss you more. This can be done with a combination of sexy outfits.

What matters most is that you feel sexy while dressed. Create a series of shots of you dress up the sexy outfits. Alternatively, you can undress with a series of shots to make him go crazy for you. The key is to translate your emotions into the pics you take.

9. Show Him Your Bare Back


Nothing is sexier about a woman than her bare back. Your hips are one of the most powerful weapons you have. They are soft and round and that’s why men love them. So why not show off that beautifully sculpted back and drive him insane!

10. Saliva In The Navel

This idea is a bit intense. You may think that how this idea can be hot. But trust me this idea got potential. Take some of your saliva and put it in your navel. Now put one finger inside your navel dipped into the saliva. And now click the picture of it. This seems dirty but it is one of the hottest ideas to make him go crazy for you.

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11. Tease With Lingerie


Everyone knows that lingeries are sexy and every man fantasizes about it at least once in his life. So, if it is so common then I bet that your guy will also like it. So, take your phone and click a picture of you wearing lingerie.

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