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Unique Kiss Games For Couples To Improve Intimacy

Spice up your love life with these 10 best and unique kiss games for couples.

Kissing is passionate and intimate. That’s why kiss games for couples are considered a pleasurable activity by almost every couple in the world! And ladies, you know what makes a romantic makeout session even sexier? Involving kissing games, of course!

The kissing games for couples on this list are super fun and are bound to bring you and bae even closer. So ladies, are you ready to indulge in some naughty fun? If that’s a yes, pucker up girls, and read on.

Kiss Games For Couples

1. Suck and blow

This game is pretty easy and extremely fun to try out with your man. Whether you play it with him or along with other couples, it’s bound to spice up your love life.

For this kissing game, all you need is a pack of cards. Next, you have to pick up the card with your mouth through suction. Now transfer it to your partner’s mouth using your mouth.

If the card falls during the process, you’re bound to lock your lips. It’s a win-win for you both as it gives chance to each one to get a kiss.

2. Spin the bottle


This is one of the best kiss games for couples and we bet you’ve heard of this game before. However, this time, you should try it with your partner in a different way. You can choose to play it on date night or surprise him with playing this before going to bed.

In order to play this game, you should sit opposite each other. Now spin the bottle, and whoever it lands on, that person gets a kiss from the spinner. To turn up the heat, you can also experiment with kissing styles like french kisses, butterfly, cheek, and Eskimo. Even you can add time and positions to this game to create a more romantic situation.

3. Marathon kissing

Basically in this kissing game, you have to kiss your partner inside the car whenever the car stops at a red light. Make sure to make out passionately for the entire duration of the light.

This is an exercise in concentration and passion. It doesn’t get much hotter than that. This challenge is adorable, just make sure you don’t get in an accident in the process.

4. Cupids Noodles


If you both love noodles then these romantic kiss games for couples are surely for you. Certainly, a bowl of noodles is bae, but you know what’s even better? Feeding it to bae without using a fork or your hands! Yeah, you are guessing it right – with your lips.

Having you on one side and your lover on the other, the noodle is bound to make your lips touch in the yummiest way possible. You’re eating and kissing at the same time. This can be sensual and can turn you guys on to go further. Imagine, can life get any better?!

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5. Cards of hearts

You’ll need a pack of cards for this romantic game. This is one of the best kiss games for couples where you have to separate the hearts from the deck and shuffle. Now ask your partner to pick a card from the lot.

Whichever number he gets, you get to kiss him that many times in different places. (For example: if he picks 7 of hearts, you must kiss him seven times in seven different places.)

6. Ten minutes in heaven

Ten minutes in heaven is a classic romantic game for couples because it’s so hot! When playing this with your boyfriend, pick a space that’s dark and small in area(like a closet). The aim is to lock the door, put on a timer for ten minutes, turn off the lights and get busy.

During those ten minutes, you can whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Additionally, you both can skip all of it and get to making out.

7. Secret Love


Do you know what’s sexy? Getting it on in different locations without getting caught. Select a place, it could be a club or a friend’s place. Now you and your partner should find a spot to make out without anyone catching the two of you.

This is one of the fun ways to be romantic and most couples will definitely agree with me. The suspense here is the shortage of time and intimacy which makes the kiss even more passionate and memorable.

8. Eyes Open

In this kissing game for couples, the challenge is to start kissing your partner with your eyes wide open for as long as you can. The hotter the kiss gets the more likely you are to lose yourself in bliss. Hold out though, because the winner gets to make the other person do whatever they want. The challenge here is not pretending to lose just to make your partner happy.

9. Surprise & Kiss

Take a surprise challenge with your partner. The goal is to surprise each other as many times as you can using this fun game. With each surprise, the kissing time and intensity increase. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

This is a fun and romantic game as it makes lovers do things to each other that make them happy. Additionally, it strengthens the bond between you two.

10. Blindfold Fun


We saved the best game for last because we know this is something you and him will try for sure. You’ve got to make him sit on the couch or lie on the bed and blindfold him. It’s then up to him to use just his hands and lips to navigate his way to your pleasure spots. This kissing game is extremely sensual as it uses the partner’s body to extend love.

To make the game even more sensual, you’re free to include handcuffs, ice cubes, fruits, and chocolate. Good luck!

The Bottom Line

Playing these kiss games for couples not only improves your love life but also strengthens your relationship with your partner. Don’t just play with him for the sake of playing, rather enjoy it to the fullest. This will not only help you both get closer but also provide a memorable experience.

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