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SkinKraft: Customized Skin Solution Complete Review

SkinKraft: Beauty and cosmetic products are getting more and more necessary in our day to life. Although there are numerous products available in the market, getting one of the effective products is quite a hassle.

When I first come to know about SkinKraft, I take it as any other beauty product. However, when I came across a lot of positive reviews about it from a number of users, I finally thought we should give it a try to know the real fact.

So, is SkinKraft products effective? How’s the customization helps skin? I know like me you must have a lot of questions about this product in your mind. Because of this, I decided to give it try for a duration of one month and believe me, results are quite fascinating.

Here is everything I observed during the one month period along with the details on the effectiveness of this product.

SkinKraft Review

SkinKraft Review LoudFact

As the official website, SkinKraft is the first company in India, which makes personalized skincare products. That means it provides products specially created for your skin conditions.

With the help of a set of questions, it understands your skin problems and needs and suggests the best-customized skincare products.

SkinKraft Packaging

The first look of the packaging looks sweet and nice. It came in a sturdy blue box and inside it was a white bag. The sturdy blue box holds a magnetic latch and looks sleek.

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The products also come in blue bottles which are study enough to resist the fall. However, I have seen quite a similar design to this for quite a lot of beauty products now.

SkinKraft Products

In our case, we get below three products,

  1. Sebum Control Face Cleanser
  2. Barrier Repair Lotion
  3. Skin Lightening Serum

1. Sebum Control Face Cleanser

Skinkraft Sebum Control Face Cleanser

I must say the facewash is better than most of the average face was one can found in the market. It efficiently cleans skin and delivers a softer and smooth touch. The product is free from harmful chemicals and delivers spectacular results. Additionally, it holds a sweet fragrance which will definitely make you fall for this amazing skinkraft product.

2. Barrier Repair Lotion

Skinkraft Barrier Repair Lotion

This product is not sticky and gets easily absorbed by the skin. It evenly spreads on the skin and makes it soft for as long as 6-7 hours. After using the cleanser my expectations were high for this product but I must say it didn’t produce any amazing results that I was expecting.

3. Skin Lightening Serum

Skin Lightening Serum

I must say the data-driven customized skin lightening serum worked effortlessly in my case. I wasn’t expecting a level up lightening within a month of the period. However, the product delivers what it is promising. I think with frequent use this will definitely produce results up to expectations.

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SkinKraft Skin Regimen: Pros & Cons


  • Products are SLS and Paraben free.
  • Effective on every type of skin even on sensitive and oily skin.
  • Skin Lightening Serum works effectively and improves the skin’s appearance.
  • Approved by Dermatologists.


  • Repair Lotion isn’t that effective and produces average results.
  • Quantity is a little less.

The Bottom Line:

Undoubtedly SkinKraft is an efficient regimen and delivers results quite fast. It is unquestionably better than many high-end regimens available in the market. Although the Repair Lotion results are quite average overall the regimen is worth purchasing.

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