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The Importance of Professional IT Services for Small Businesses

Professional IT Services are critical to any company that wants to operate efficiently and securely. The benefits of hiring professional IT Support include: Increased efficiency and productivity, improved security and data protection, and cost-effectiveness compared to having an in-house IT staff.

For small business owners, the need for professional IT support is apparent. A small business owner who knows how to install and use various types of computer software may need to realize that there are many ways in which technology can run more efficiently and much more cheaply.

The amount of money companies pay for IT support is staggering. An article by the World Federation of Exchanges found that New York Stock Exchange member firms spend approximately $1 billion annually on information technology services.

That’s about $4.4 million per firm or about $150,000 per full-time employee (including benefits). It seems that the majority of this money was spent on maintaining legacy systems and networks in addition to implementing new solutions.

The Benefits of Professional IT Services

1. Increased efficiency and productivity

It is clear that expert IT support is necessary. Small business owners familiar with installing and utilizing various computer software programs might not know how technology can be used more effectively and affordably.

At times the growth of a company can outpace the development of its technological ability. A company might be growing so quickly that it completely overwhelms the existing IT resources of the business (one major hardware failure could cripple a small business).

In this situation, instead of a complete shutdown, companies should consider outsourcing their services to an IT provider with advanced technological resources. This would allow the business to focus its investment on the substantial growth of its company.

2. Improved security and data protection

The benefits of outsourcing IT services include improved security and data protection. Businesses often make the mistake of leaving their security and data protection to chance, choosing a level of security at random with little or no preparation for a possibly more secure setup in the future.

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Outsourcing IT is one way to be proactive in achieving greater levels of computer security protection while saving money. It is also a way to remove uncertainty from many business decisions concerning IT security by delegating some responsibility to an outside party with complete knowledge of computer systems and techniques.

3. Cost-effectiveness compared to in-house IT staff

Outsourcing IT services also gives the advantage of having cost-effectivity compared to in-house IT staff. Outsourcing provides cost savings over in-house IT support and a level of quality comparable to in-house service.

This can be seen by comparing the costs of using only part-time help, a full-time employee, and a full-time employee with an IT professional or support company. In this case, it can be demonstrated that outsourcing allows for the most cost-effective solution for any business.

With increased sales and profits, outsourcing can often yield a more significant profit margin than is possible with an employee or company initiative alone.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, professional IT services have lots of benefits that come along with them. The needs of any business, no matter how small, require IT support. Professional IT services will help a business grow fast and effectively, and the best part is that they are cost-effective as well.

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