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Best Exercises For Mesothelioma Patients

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer caused by inhaling asbestos in over 80% of cases. It often affects the lungs and surrounding tissues, but it can spread to other areas of the body. Being diagnosed with this type of cancer is never good, but don’t lose hope! You can still have fun and live your life to the full! 

1. Walking 

Yes, walking is exercise. And it counts both towards your mental and your physical health, so take to the parks and walk. There are so many benefits to exercising outside, in nature, so you really have to at least try it once.

And because walking gets you places, you can take advantage of this and see the hidden corners of your city and discover its secret beauty. 

2. Yoga

Yoga, especially restorative yoga can be a gentle way to stretch your body and keep yourself fit, without straining. If you prefer, you can try something like Taiichi or Qigong instead. The principles are similar and so are the results.

This type of exercise focuses on balance and on being aware of your body, as well as on using every muscle in your body. The most important benefit of these exercises is that they improve mood and mindfulness, allowing you to make the most of your days. 

3. Light weights 

Dumbbells of under 1kg are great for this type of exercise. Do not hesitate to use them but be careful not to overexert yourself. Stacks of paperwork work the exact same way, and you will have plenty of occasions to use these makeshift replacements if you choose to press charges for the asbestos in your workplace or house.

4. Swimming

While it is not recommended to start training for the Olympics or to beat personal speed records, light, slow swimming is a great way to maintain strength and resistance.

Water itself is a great medium to exercise, so on top of swimming, you can try joining a light aqua gym class. Of course, consult your doctor before starting anything and follow their advice. 

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5. Cycling 

A light bike expedition can be a great way to exercise, enjoy nature, and boost your mood. Take a friend or two with you and make a day out of it! Your four-legged friends will appreciate the exercise and the extended outdoor time, so don’t hesitate to take your dog with you!

6. Roller skating

If you go slow enough you can still enjoy skating too! Ice skating is not recommended, as the cold air might not be beneficial for you, but in summer, you can take out your rollerblades and cruise.

Take to the streets or stick to the parks, either way, it’s a fun variation to simply walking. Don’t forget to take water with you and not to work too hard. 

7. Cleaning

Yes, yes, cleaning might not sound as fun as the rest of the examples on this list, but it does count as exercise too! Just try and see how your muscles start stretching and your mood improves, just as in the case of a walk in the park. Open all the windows, blast some tunes and take your mop out for a dance! 

It’s important to remember that you should not isolate yourself or wallow in self-pity. Some of that can be healthy, but try to focus on the positive aspects and do the things you enjoy!

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