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10 Cute Things To Surprise Your Boyfriend On His Birthday!

From Candlelight Dinner to playing paintball with buddies, these are 10 cute birthday ideas for boyfriend that you should definitely try this time.

Hey girls, is your sweetheart’s birthday coming this week? Are you out of ideas and still, you want to do something absolutely adorable for him? Don’t worry I know exactly how it feels and what it means to you.

Most of us search for every possibility to make our man’s birthday incredibly special. Hence I have gathered some awesome ideas to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday and some of them are completely out of the box!

Here are 10 cute things to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday.

Cute Birthday Ideas For Boyfriend

1. Candlelight Dinner

Candlelight Dinner

It’s classy yet it’s romantic and never goes out of style. So take your romantic best out on a candlelight dinner on a roof restaurant and enjoy the romantic moment under the moonlight. What else you can do? Add some specialized music to your dinner date and let the love shower through the star night.

2. Surprise Party

Creating a surprise party needs a lot of effort and planning however it is the best way to get a wide smile from your sweetheart. It will be better if you go with theme surprise party ideas. Select one of the favorite themes of your sweetheart and organize it accordingly.

3. Plan A Tour

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

Give him a surprise by waking him up personally by reaching his place. Make him ready and take him on a surprise trip. Spend the complete day together, it will probably be his most memorable birthday ever.

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4. Surprise Sensual Roleplay

Be cute and be sexy. You know he’s been raving you to dress up as a sexy figure or as cat woman for the longest time. So make his wish to fulfill this time because his birthday is the perfect time to be sexy and making the day memorable in a different way.

5. A Love Cake

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

Ever heard of love cakes? It’s in trend now and one of the best DIY gifts to give your boyfriend on his birthday. Create different shapes that match your loved one’s choice. It can be in the shape of a heart that shows both of you together or beer if he loves beer. It will totally wow him!

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6. Scavenger Hunt

Nothing cuter and better to celebrate his birthday than planning a naughty scavenger hunt for him! Prepare cute and naughty clues that only he would understand. Make him do the adventure to find the secret prize i.e. YOU.

7. Midnight Surprise

This is classic yet romantic. Make a plan with his friends and decorate his room, get a cake a few drinks and give him a surprise as soon as the clock strikes 12. Don’t forget to get a special gift for him and give him that gift post-party.

8. Paintball Challenge

Nothing more fun than playing paintball with buddies. Invite both his and your friends and team up to compete with each other. Going crazy with colors will be the ultimate gift for him that surely deliver loads of fun.

9. Tickets To Live Sports

We all know boys love sports thus buying him a front-row ticket of his favorite sport(Baseball, NBA, etc.) definitely make him feel extremely fortunate to be with a girl who understands his feeling so well! This cute little 1 to 2 hr will definitely bring more closeness in your relationship.

10. Ultimate Digital Surprise

This surprise requires a little more effort than others. Create greetings, a picture collage or a video that combines all your memories. Deliver them sequentially at midnight with all digital communication mediums whether its mail, message or chat. Trust me it will make your man feel special and he would really appreciate all the effort you put in and for the very sweet gesture.

Bonus: Give The Perfect Gift Set

Can’t be with your beau on his special day? Having to spend time apart from your significant other is tough. Fortunately, there are so many ways to make him feel loved, especially on the day he’s turning a year older.

Is your intended recipient a whiskey guy? Send something that will make him bowl over. Gift sets starring bourbon are readily found online. And even if this corn-based liquor isn’t on top of his wish list, there’s Irish whiskey, rye whiskey, scotch, moonshine, Canadian whiskey, and Tennessee whiskey. Find out which one birthday boy prefers, and order a gift basket with quality spirits he’ll enjoy.

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