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Best Self-Care Products To Help You Get Through Tough Times

It can be tough trying to get through draggy days with everything going on around the globe, especially while juggling new normal adjustments. Amid all these plus the seasonal change and regular bumps in your daily life, you certainly deserve a regular self-care dose.

While there are plenty of indulgent products on the market, being a little brand conscious by paying attention to sustainability can do wonders. From bee-derived supplements from Manuka South to diffusers and all-natural skincare, here are some products that you will enjoy on cozy days dedicated to your physical and mental health.

Propolis Capsules

Propolis is a powerful ingredient derived from beeswax and bee discharge. It is a highly coveted anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial compound that speeds up healing, calms swelling, and has links to controlling cancer.

With a health crisis looming over the horizon, everyone has been a little more particular about their physical wellbeing. Still, it can be detrimental to take a large dose of low-quality supplements.

Propolis capsules from sustainable brands, such as Manuka South, contain a high concentration of the super-ingredient, sourced from ethical and sustainable practices. By choosing a high-quality supplement, you rest assured that you are obtaining the full benefits of propolis, which you can enjoy every day.

Knowing that you have a nutritious and beneficial supplement is always a great way to sneak in two minutes of self-care after every meal.

Sustainable Skincare

Most people associate self-care with skincare, and no doubt feeling good about your bright and glowing complexion can be a huge boost to your mental health. While the beauty industry hides under the veil of sketchy practices and illegal ingredient-sourcing, some brands have stepped up against these dated methods in favor of sustainable, modern alternatives.

There is a wide range of eco-friendly, clean, and vegan options for pamper nights, self-care days, and daily use. Clean ingredients are wonderful for acne-prone and sensitive skin, as a reduced amount of chemicals means that the products are less abrasive and more holistic.

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Some popular essentials include the power trio: a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You can step it up with serums and exfoliators — whatever makes you happy.

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There is a way to change the mood of your room with a single, space-conscious device: a diffuser. Contemporary diffusers are battery or socket-powered and can store anywhere from 100mL-750mL of water, which means that you can burn essential oils for hours.

They are cute enough to add a minimalistic – and highly functional – flair into your interior. They are also wonderful stress-reducers to help you calm down on the most chaotic days.

Even the most glamorous jobs can become a nightmare, especially with the constant miscommunication in the work-from-home setting. On days when you need to cool down, turn on your diffuser and instantly calm your mind and improve your mood. Some come with a built-in humidifier to use for an at-home spa day.

Self-care comes in all forms and experiences. Whether you prefer to enjoy a luxurious meal, try out a new skincare product, or purchase a wellness supplement, it is a highly personalized and well-deserved indulgence, especially amid these difficult times.

Insert a moment of self-care into your daily life to remind yourself that it is okay to take a step back, breathe, and then conquer your day with more motivation.


Author – Helen Harry

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