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Do College Relationships Last? Here’s Why They Don’t!

Do college relationships last? This is the question that many couples ask themself after graduation. Well, my answer to this question solely depends upon the couple, however, in most cases, couples do split up after college life.

It’s because we all found one guy that we think matches our criteria. He respects you, cares for you, loves you, makes you feel special, and accepts you the way you are. With time, you start dating him, fall in love, and believe that he is going to be your partner for the rest of your life. However, things do not go as planned post-college life.

That’s the main reason most relationships post-college life won’t live. But that doesn’t mean all college relationships fail. If you think he is the perfect guy for you and looking for reasons why college relationships don’t last then here are the common reasons which will help you understand.

Common Reasons Why College Relationships Don’t Last

1. Loss Of Attraction

During the initial days of a relationship, there are lots of efforts taken by both men and women to maintain attraction for one another. This is because they are new to the unexplored part of their emotions.

However, as time passes, they lose interest in each other. Further, they don’t find their partner attractive and start finding flaws in one another. To regain the attraction, find the common things which you both love to do.

2. Different Friend Circle

Another reason associates with people you love hanging out with. This thing is pretty common when you are in a relationship with your college buddy. However, this commonness becomes the ground for distance.

With a different group of friends, you and your partner start sailing apart. You both start complaining to each other. This causes space, negativity, and the end of your relationship.

3. No Common Grounds

This is one of the main reasons college relationships don’t last. You may be planning for higher studies and he might be on his way to finding a job far from you. This turns your relationship into a long-distance relationship and most long-distance relationships don’t work.

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He will find another girl in his workplace and you might hook up with some other guy from your college. You both will one day come to the conclusion that the relationship not working. Further, things might turn more difficult for both of you and lastly you are going to get separated.

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4. You Became Matured

It’s true that during college days you are not mature enough to take life-long decisions and in the process, you made so many mistakes. As time passes you become mature and start believing that the person you loved has changed. Now your plans also changed.

You expect something different from life and your partner wants something else. These conflicts of thoughts make you think that you made the wrong decision and that someone better is waiting for you. This creates separation between you two.

5. Long-Distance Relationship

Most of the time relationships fail because of long distances. Some relationships can be continued from school but when the relationship turns into a long-distance one it usually doesn’t work.

6. Rumours

No matter how big your college might be, most couples stay within the mill groups of people and keep in touch with each other more often. This helps rumors stay out of your love life.

However, once college life gets over small rumors can affect your love life. This is due to a lack of proper communication and common ground.

Sometimes these rumors begin out of jealousy or bitterness, but once they spread, they’re enough to end a relationship.

7. Communication

Another main reason why college relationships don’t work out because most couples can’t balance time correctly. With you having lectures, labs, outside activities, and a part-time job on your hands, things can get messy and it can be hard enough to balance your love life.

Remember, if you don’t plan your time for communication then this going to harm your relationship and ultimately your relationship is going to end.

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