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Apple Vision Pro Preorders Go Live in the US Ahead of Feb 2 Launch

Repairs on the Apple Vision Pro without the company's accidental damage protection can cost up to $2,399.

Apple Vision Pro is now available for preorder in the United States, with the company’s first mixed reality headset expected to ship on February 2. The iPhone maker’s spatial computer has two Micro-OLED displays with a total of 23 million pixels and a refresh rate of up to 100Hz.

It is powered by Apple’s M2 CPU and a new R1 chip, which handles data from the headset’s many sensors. The headset also has iris-based biometric verification and a battery life of up to two hours, according to Apple.

The Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 for the base model with 256GB storage. The headset is also available in 512GB and 1TB storage configurations, with prices starting at $3,699 and $3,899, respectively. Beginning February 2, the headset will be available for purchase in Apple Stores across the United States.

If you wear prescription or reading glasses, you can also purchase Zeiss optical inserts. Reader inserts cost $99, while prescription inserts cost $149.

You can also get AppleCare+ for the Vision Pro, which costs $499 and covers accidental damage repairs for a service fee of $299. According to the company’s website, without AppleCare+, repairs can cost up to $2,399.

Apple’s first spatial computer is powered by an M2 chip combined with a second R1 chip, both based on the same M-series CPU, to handle data from the Vision Pro’s multiple sensors with a 12ms response time and 256GB/s bandwidth.

The device features dual Micro-OLED screens that span 92 percent of the DCI:P3 colour gamut and can display 23 million pixels. It also supports refresh rates of 90, 96, and 100 Hz.

The Vision Pro headset supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, as well as AirPlay at 1080p. The device includes six microphones, two primary cameras, six secondary (tracking) cameras, four eye tracking cameras, a LiDAR scanner, a TrueDepth camera, and six other sensors.

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The Vision Pro is powered by an external battery pack connected via a cable. Apple does not normally reveal battery capacities, so we’ll have to wait for a teardown video to find out these details.

The battery is said to last up to two hours, and unlike many other Apple products, including the iPhone, the device comes with a charger in the box. According to the company, the Vision Pro can weigh up to 650g depending on your configuration, with a battery pack weighing 353 grams.

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