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Top 10 Android Optimizing Apps That You Must Try Once

From Clean Master to Ccleaner, here are top 10 Android Optimizing Apps that you must try at least once.

Are you trying to optimize your android device? I was also in that situation and these 10 android optimizing apps just save my day. Digital devices such as smartphones, and Pc have made a valuable space in our lives and are used regularly by millions of consumers worldwide.

Despite significant technological growth, users have always been concerned about diminishing performance in their Android devices. Slowdowns in performance is a normal thing if you’re using an old device or phone that has run its course. But when the same happens with a newly bought device, it becomes crucial that you give your phone a proper cleaning and optimize your android.

Depending on your phone brand and the size of the data, optimization and cleaning could take days without a dedicated cleaning and optimization app. So without wasting any time further, here’s a list of the best Android Optimizing Apps you can find useful.

Must-Have Android Optimizing Apps 

1. Ccleaner:

You know a cleanup app is useful when its name tells junk cleaner. PC and laptop users might already be familiar with this handy tool and now it’s also available for Android. This will remove all junk files and data from your phone that is no longer needed.

This includes clipboard items, cache, downloads, history, etc., and saved text messages (SMS), which can be cleaned in one go. The tool also helps you uninstall apps safely including native apps that cause system lags. This is certainly one of the best Android Boosters you can find for your phone or device.

2. Startup Manager:

Your phone could have numerous apps running in the background that could hamper performance and cause issues such as slowdowns and crashes. The best way to fix this is by disabling any startup apps that you don’t really need.

This can be done smoothly with the Startup Manager app. You can enable or disable any app or service that you feel can cause slowdowns. Boost your android startup making it much quicker with the handy Startup Manager app for free.

3. Power Clean:

This app takes care of all your android cleaning and optimization requirements. It carries a memory booster, device optimizer, junk files cleaner, and app manager to free up as much space and RAM as possible.

You can also disable any non-essential apps that you think slow down device performance. Other than this, Power Clean also allows you to remove duplicate photos, lock private apps, and manage app notifications making this an essential Android booster app.

4. DU Speed Booster:

It is a well-known speed booster app and one of the best among Android optimizing apps. DU Speed Booster provides a variety of functions for Android users. It cleans up your phone RAM and frees it up from any background app activity.

It can also scan your phone in seconds for any Junk that you can delete with a single click. DU Speed Booster doesn’t just optimize your Android but also protects any viruses or malware from entering your device with real-time protection against these threats.

5. All-In-One Toolbox:

There are numerous options that you can do with All-In-One Toolbox. Some of them are cleaning junk, boosting RAM, cooling down CPU, batch app installer/uninstaller, backup tool, boot speed-up, locking apps, boosting game performance, detecting apps with too many ads, and helping you manage notifications.

Apart from these functions, you also get extra swipe control gestures, volume settings, a code scanner, a flashlight, compass with the convenience of the task scheduler, making this one of the best Android optimizers available.

6. Clean Master:

Clean Master is one of the best Android optimizing apps for your phone which includes both phone booster and antivirus. It cleans junk files, notifications, and viruses while performing other tasks such as battery and phone boost.

You can also improve charging time, lock apps, quickly access favorite apps, boost game performance, and manage installed apps, along with various customization features, helping you get the most out of your Android device.

7. Android Assistant:

Android Assistant can be used to clean caches and other temporary data. It can also be used to block startup apps that slow down the phone’s startup, and install multiple APKs or uninstall multiple apps at once without manual interruption.

You can also move apps to the SD card to give more free space to your device’s internal storage and activate the battery saver feature to save the battery’s juices and extend its life.

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8. Safe Security:

360 Security is one of the most used apps amongst all Android optimizing apps that offers a wider range of security solutions.

The application scans for malware and various other malicious files that may be hidden deep inside your Android device’s system and get rid of them for you. It can also clean cache and temporary data accumulated by the installed applications.

9. Action Launcher 3:

Unless you use Google Nexus, Pixel, or Android One devices, there’s a decent chance that the inbuilt app launcher on your Android is totally buggy. Not only does your default launcher create unnecessary widgets, but it’s related background processes can slow your phone to a crawl.

The best way to get about this is by installing the Action Launcher 3 App which is one of the best Android booster apps. You can choose new icons for regularly used apps and pin them to the dock, making it easier for you to access them.

10. SD Maid:

It mainly focuses on destroying unnecessary files on the external memory card. SD Maid uses an advanced engine to identify and get rid of junk files, which can slow down your phone or tab over time.

It cleans up the logs and reports that may persist even after uninstalling an application. SD Maid improves the performance of your Android device and provides you with a better experience which makes it unique from other Android optimizing apps.

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