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8 Types Of Lipsticks That Every Woman Should Own

From Stain to Matte, here are 8 different types of lipsticks.

When it comes to types of lipsticks, the market is full of endless choices. Selecting lipstick shades is a difficult task especially if you are an amateur lipstick user.

There are multiple types of lipsticks and they can be used according to your mood or shape of your lips. So, buying a good lipstick is not just about buying a lipstick shade which seems appealing but its much more than that.

In order to reduce all your lipstick selection hassle, we have put our efforts to make a complete guide on all the types of lipsticks.

Different Types Of Lipsticks

These days the lipstick markets contain a variety of products with many effects and characteristics. Here are some types of lipsticks with basic characteristics.


1. Matte Lipstick

Matte lipsticks are one of the perfect choices for your lips if you are looking for a colorful and nice shade. This lipstick gives your lips a true color with a smooth and even texture. Matte lipsticks are those type of lipsticks that gives a flat effect to your lips. Contrary to shiny lipsticks, these lipsticks can give your lips a smoother and younger look. Furthermore, these are brilliant at hiding pigmented and patchy lips.

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2. Glossy Lipstick


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Glossy Lipsticks are quite opposite of matte lipsticks. While matte lipsticks are flat, glossy lipsticks are shiny and watery finish. This type of lipstick is especially effective for dry lips. Furthermore, if you have small and thin lips then this can be a good option to shine and enhance the dimension of depth of your lips.

The best part about this lipstick is that it is deeply hydrating and high on the luminosity factor. These glossy lipsticks are available in liquid form as well as gloss sticks, which basically look like lipsticks but give the finish of a gloss.

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3. Sheer Lipstick

Probably sheer lipsticks are the most selling lipsticks on this list. This is because it gives a spark to the lips. These lipsticks are enriched with moisturizing oils so that your lips don’t remain dry. Whether it’s the office or a party sheer lipstick will be suitable with any of your dress or look. However, the only drawback of this lipstick is that it doesn’t stay for long and needs a touch-up every 4-5 hours.

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4. Creme Lipstick


Creme Lipsticks are not so shiny, however, it has a smooth effect on lips. These are rich in oils and butter and therefore, are excellent for nourishing lips. Furthermore, in addition to the oils that even the sheer lipsticks have, these lipsticks have a high quantity of wax. The wax helps to increase the staying power of the lipsticks.

Creamy lipsticks are ideal for colder climates as they tend to melt in hot, humid conditions. Stash them in the fridge during the summer to retain their consistency and prevent breakage.

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5. Liquid Matte Lipstick

This liquid matte lipstick is the newest addition to the types of lipstick list. This is gloss-like lipstick that after a few minutes of application, transforms into a semi-matte to a matte finish on your lips. Contrary to matte lipsticks, liquid matte lipstick keeps your lips hydrated and keeps your lips away from that dry feeling.

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6. Stain Lipstick


Stain lipsticks are the lipsticks that last throughout the day. This should be your first choice if you want a lipstick that needs no touch-up throughout the day and provides the vibrant color of your choice. However, one drawback of this lipstick is that it can make lips dry. So, the pro tip to use this lipstick would be to apply a balm before applying this lipstick. This will keep your lips moisturized and save them from any harm.

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7. Long-wearing Lipsticks

This is probably the best option for women who don’t have time to apply lipstick frequently. These lipsticks come with a special formula that keeps your lips looking perfect for day long. These are long-lasting until you eat something greasy or oily. Furthermore, some of these lipsticks come with moisturizer to balance the dryness of lips.

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8. Matte Balms

These matte balms are actually lipsticks in disguise which offers all the effectiveness of a balm with the coverage and color payoff of a matte lipstick. These balms are super easy to use and glide onto your lips effortlessly for a smooth and long-lasting finish. Be sure to exfoliate your lips before you apply them to curb flakiness.

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