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How To Get Over A Crush: 10 Easy Tips To Help You Move On

Getting over your crush isn't easy and requires time and patience.

How to get over a crush? Let’s admit the fact that we all have crushes, which are the best warm-and-fuzzy feeling hard to forget. It is possible to experience physical side effects of a crush such as loss of appetite, lack of sleep, and also stomach upsets.

If you have a crush on someone and it is clear that there is no future for you two, it is important for you to manage your feelings towards the person positively.

It gets worse when you are starting secretly spying on your crush and find out that he has a girlfriend and he is spending quality time with her. It is the moment when it feels like crushes are the freaking worst and we start looking for “how to get over a crush?”.

You try to ignore it, but it’s hard to neglect and all of a sudden you see your crush posting photos with his girlfriend on Instagram. It’s quite disturbing and you started to look for options to get over the feelings.

Having a crush isn’t a wrong thing, but you can’t let that one person take up all your attention. That’s why you need to learn how to get over your crush. By learning these important tips you will be able to manage your emotions and get over your crush once and for all.

How to Get Over a Crush?

Well, moving on from a crush isn’t that easy as everybody thinks. It feels easy by admitting that you are not in a relationship, however, you and I both know it’s not like that at all. If you have a strong crush for a while then its quite difficult to get over it.

How To Get Over A Crush

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help yourself move. Here are 10 tips on how to get over your crush that will help you move on with your life.

1. Avoid Them On Social Sites

One thing keeps in mind that the online world is no different than the real one. That’s why getting over someone is infinitely harder if you’re looking at their social media accounts all the time!

Don’t stalk him and avoid looking at your crush’s social media profiles. To keep him out of your mind first stop following him on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and any other social platforms.

In order to get over your crush, you need to prevent yourself from constantly remembering the person. To do so you have to stop looking at their photos, messages, or anything that helps to remember him. If it’s hard for you to ignore his photos then take a deep breath and count from 10 to 1. This will help you clear your mind.

2. Try To Remove Real-World Interactions

Removing your crush from social accounts is somewhat easy but it’s quite difficult to get over them in the real-world especially when they are a constant part of your day-to-day life. Maybe you both have the same friendship circles or perhaps his cubicle is right next to yours in the office, but it’s important to get over him.

To ease the process avoid any interaction with your crush and don’t initiate any conversation with your crush. If you both work in the same office then don’t initiate any dialogue apart from the professional talk. You have to remember that you need to keep your communications at a minimum.

3. Feel The Pain To Get Over Your Crush

People who laugh at questions like “how to get over a crush” doesn’t know how much people feel the pain when they have a crush on someone by knowing that they don’t have any future with them.

It may seem odd but the easy way to understand the situation is by feeling the pain and admitting the situation. We all hate to admit the pain but it not only helps our brain and body to process what is happening but also helps to maintain good emotional health in the long run.

Initially, you may take blame to yourself by saying its all your fault but with the time you admit the fact. As a human, we have little control over others act and emotion so it’s better to admit that it completely out of your control.

4. Give Yourself Time To Heal

Even if you are not with him in a relationship, your emotions are connected. That’s why it can hurt when someone doesn’t return your love and affection and we search for how to get over a crush. Most of the times we feel confused with the questions like:

  • Why won’t they like me back?
  • Why it’s not working for me?
  • Why he isn’t loving me back?

Well, these are some questions which may give you some trouble but don’t beat yourself up. Nobody likes getting rejected and the best thing you can do to fix this is to give yourself time to process what happened.

5. Be Honest With Yourself

How To Get Over A Crush

The most crucial thing is being honest with yourself. For this ask yourself questions like:

  • What makes you fall for him?
  • What did you think getting out of a relationship with him?
  • Are they so special?
  • Are you just jealous?
  • What are the things that drove you crazy about him?
  • Could you find someone better who deserves your attention?
  • How to get over a crush?

These questions will help you identify the situation and get over your crush with time.

6. Stay Busy By Doing Things You Love

If you want to move on from your crush, then the best thing is to stay busy with the things that you love to do. This will prevent your brain from randomly thinking about your crush.

Pursue your hobby or start a new one to get yourself engaged. You can get yourself engaged in any outdoor sports or go on a vacation too. During this moment hitting the gym also a good idea as it will release of endorphins, a group of hormones responsible for making you feel happy and satisfied.

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7. Practice Patience To Get Over Your Crush

You may hear the line “Patience is the key to every success”. Here you need to practice patience with yourself. Give yourself time and concentrate only on you without thinking about him. I will suggest let him know that you like him so that you can hardly blame him for hooking up with someone else.

If you ask many will say love hurts and its real. No matter how initial your love may be, it still hurts. So give yourself time to process what has happened and don’t try to explain it away. The best answer to the question “how to get over a crush” is to accept that he’s found someone who is not you.

8. Admit This Is Temporary and You’re Not Alone

One of the easiest answers to how to get over a crush is by admiting all that happening are temporary. You have to know one thing that no matter how it hurts those feeling will not last forever. So you need to move on by thinking about its temporary.

Most of us know that there were times when you want something intensely and it just doesn’t work out and It’s normal to take a while to rebound from that.

9. Find A New Crush

I know that it’s easy to tell find a new crush however, it doesn’t happen like that. Those people who are lucky enough fall again for someone within a short span and saves themselves from the pain. But that’s not going to be the case for all.

For some its so deep that they won’t move one to any other one, but don’t worry time will heal all wounds. Even if you don’t find a new crush you’ll be busy with other things and meet with people those will help you get over your crush.

10. See A Counselor

If you have tried everything on this list and still feel stuck, and feel like stuck in the sadness, seeing a counselor can really help. Without talking to a counselor or a therapist you will lose your focus on work and everyday life.

So the question is how do you know if you should see a therapist? If you’ve been experiencing any of the following for a month or more, then its time to see a therapist:

  • You feel down all day.
  • Your feelings are holding you back from enjoying things you normally love.
  • Your feelings are getting in between your schoolwork or getting along with people.

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