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Top 10 Most Amazing Places To Visit This Winter

Here are the top 10 destinations that you should visit this winter.

If you’re the type who gleefully looks forward to winter trips, then you might find there are plenty of suggestions for winter hotspots. From ski slopes to beaches, everyone looks forward to satisfying their winter wanderlust.

So if you’re finding it difficult to choose, we’ve selected the top 10 best winter destinations around the world just for you.

1. Iceland


If you are thinking about a wintry trip then Iceland is considered to be the best. If you have ever heard about the Northern Lights(Aurora Borealis) then winter is the perfect chance for you to see it because of its longer nights.

Here you’ll discover active volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, glaciers and ice fields which makes it one of the world’s top destination.

For top tourist attractions in Iceland, you can read our top 10 tourist attractions in Iceland here.

2. Costa Rica


The best time to visit Costa Rica is winter. Winter is Costa Rica’s dry season, with warm weather its perfect time for beach lounging, wildlife spotting and many more. Also, most of their festivals take place in winter which makes it the best tourist destination for winter among all others.

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3. Japan


Japan offers a completely different experience when you visit in winter. Heading to Japan in winter is a dream and with its winter festivals, you just feel joyful. Sapporo’s weeklong Snow Festival, Sounkyo Hyobaku Festival, Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival are the best festivals to enjoy in winter.

Apart from everything snowy Mount Fuji is another tourist attraction in winter. Within north mountains of Japan, you can spot adorable Nagano Snow monkeys taking steamy dips in the hot springs of Jigokudani Park. These adorable monkeys can tolerate temperature up to minus 20 degree Celsius.

4. New York City


New York is an all-time favorite for winter vacations with its attractive Christmas lights. Apart from all, there’s really nothing like Christmas in Manhattan. One can’t miss Christmas tree decorations along with excitement to be in New York during this time of year. With Manhattan skyscrapers towering nearby, winter is the perfect time for ice skating.

5. Hawaii


You still get heat ocean breezes and 80-degree temperatures, and the Hawaiian Islands go all out for the vacations. Locals host potlatch-style parties wherever the Christmas goose is replaced by a luau pig, and therefore the resorts deck themselves out like tropical North Poles, together with an enormous tree lighting ceremony at the outrigger on Oahu Island and tree-decorating contests at Mauna Kea on the large Island.

Residents there race to the top of the 13,000-foot-tall volcano, shovel snow into their trucks, and speed backtrack to make snowmen in their yards before it melts.

Although Kauai sees the bulk of its annual rainfall in winter – with the foremost precipitation in December – the island still welcomes throngs of travelers who return to escape the mainland’s chilly temps.

If you are not loving the island’s emerald green landscapes, that is even a lot of lush in winter because of the rain, thaw out on its attractive beaches. simply make sure to book a minimum of a number of months in advance to avoid sky-high flight costs and costly room rates.

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6. Vienna, Austria


Christmas markets have warmed Vienna’s city center for hundreds of years. Visit the town Hall’s classic Christkindlmarkt period to avoid queues for glühwein and ice-skating, or select smaller native markets. Karlsplatz Art Advent could be a sparkling must-visit for families, with a petting zoo, kid’s craft homes, and organic snacks.

Artisans at the Spittelberg Market sell handmade ceramics, intricate mobiles, and native beeswax candles on charming cobblestone streets. And farm stalls encompassing the Freyung Market provide Austrian Alpine cheese and organic wine.

7. Bora Bora, French Polynesia


If you are looking for a winter getaway that is all regarding luxury, you cannot get it wrong with a visit to Bora Bora. there is no doubt you will find utter relaxation at one of the South Pacific island’s overwater house resorts, however, you’ll have to deal with unpredictable weather since winter marks the region’s rainy season.

However, if you do not mind a bit of precipitation, you will be ready to score deals during this typically high-ticket destination.

8. New Zealand


Queenstown in New Zealand is on the checklist of many adventure travelers. whether it’s rope jumping and paragliding or winter sports like snowboarding and athletics, Queenstown has something for the daredevil altogether folks.

Even better, whereas temperatures dip below chilling to the north of the equator, this lakeshore town in New Zealand sees daytime temperatures within the higher 60s and low 70s.

9. Mexico


Playa del Carmen is the destination for you if you want to explore Mexico. Here, you will find international aptitude due to an influx of expats, a downtown that is within walking distance of the beach, lots of comprehensive hideaways and spirited nightlife. You are additionally likely to find crowds at this point of the year, thus ensure to book a minimum of 3 months beforehand to secure your spot.

Tulum in Mexico offers an additional secluded spot on the Riviera Maya. The seacoast city boasts a number of Mexico’s most healthy Mayan ruins and naturally shaped underwater caves – called cenotes – for adventurers who wish to explore. however, if you are seeking pure relaxation, you are in luck: Tulum additionally offers a number of the best beaches in Mexico.

10. China


Harbin is the place in China that you must visit in January when the city hosts the biggest ice and snow sculpture festival in the world. During January northeastern part of China encounters jaw-dropping temperatures up to -20°C, so make sure you pack your best winter gadgets to tackle this much of cold.

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