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Spotify AI Feature To Let Users Create Prompt-Based Playlist

Wouldn’t it be great to create playlists based on simple text prompts that reflect your mood, vibe, and overall genre preference? Spotify, the music streaming service, is working on this functionality.

Even though most people prefer to add songs they already know to their playlists, the spotted feature could be convenient for discovering new music. According to a TechCrunch report, Spotify has been working on AI-powered playlists for its platform. A software expert, Chris Messina found this feature in the app code.

Creating playlists using text prompts on Spotify

The code demonstrates a function for creating “AI playlists” that should be able to curate “playlists based on user prompts.”

Isn’t it fascinating? The feature could be close to Spotify’s Niche Mixes feature, which allows users to create playlists for almost any mood. This feature also uses machine learning algorithms to create specific playlists.

However, the spotted feature would allow users to enter prompts that would set the route of the playlist. Messina believes the AI playlist feature is tied to another Spotify feature called Blend, as the code also displays the option to invite other users to collaborate on AI playlists.

Spotify has been focusing heavily on AI features. In February 2023, the world’s largest streaming company launched AI DJ, a feature that creates a personalized AI guide (similar to radio stations) to play your favorite songs.

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It also recently launched Voice Translation for podcasts. This feature converts old podcasts into new languages while keeping the original podcaster’s voice.

Ziad Sultan, Spotify’s head of Personalization, told TechCrunch earlier this year that the company has a dedicated team to explore “the possibilities across Large Language Models (LLMs), across generative voice, [and] across personalisation.”

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