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Smart Kitchen Decor Changes That Can Give a Whole New Look

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about a kitchen space? For most people, it will be all about gas fumes, vegetables strewn on the countertop, sauce and jam bottles kept in an unkempt manner, and wall paints that are fading.

The kitchen space looks this shabby because not every homeowner has the time and the economic bandwidth to create a kitchen décor that will look pleasant, soothing, and classy. 

Homeowners often think decorating the kitchen space is expensive and might not last long, considering it’s a place for cooking food. Do you think so too? If yes, here in this article, we will share with you some of the easy kitchen décor hacks that will instantly change the look of your kitchen.

Furthermore, with proper care and upkeep, you can ensure that these décor changes last you a long time. Also, when you keep it well, your kitchen space can also be a place to get together with your loved ones over a meal. 

An essential thing to mull on before the remodel

Before you go ahead with your kitchen space décor change, you need to keep a few things in mind. Why do you want to change your kitchen space décor? It is a pertinent question that you must ask yourself. The reasons for this could be different for different homeowners.

Some people might want to change to the décor to break the monotony. Others might want to install a new kitchen décor look that they have been planning for a while. It could also be that someone wants to remodel their ancestral kitchen space and give it a new look, yet retaining some of the old elements. 

Knowing the reason behind the décor change is necessary, as that will enable you to fix your budget. For instance, if you wish to change the kitchen décor space because you wish to break the boredom, a meager budget might work for you. It’s because you can make small changes and spread it out across a few months.

That way, you will not feel the pocket pinch to a great extent. On the other hand, if you wish to recreate the look of your old farmhouse kitchen and give it a vintage look, you will have to prepare for it accordingly.

For starters, you need to be willing to pay more and get in touch with an expert interior decorator. Finally, make a list of all the changes that you want. It will help you to get organized and execute the project better. 

The easy kitchen decor changes ideas


Some of the easy ways in which you can change the look of your kitchen are: 

1. Get a new wall paint

This is your best bet if you want an instant look makeover and not pay much for it. Changing the kitchen wall paint will enable you to provide a completely new look to the kitchen.

For instance, if your current kitchen wall paint is white, it has all the elements to look conventional and can be the best backdrop for Scandinavian kitchen décor. But if you wish to install a contemporary kitchen space look, you can say yes to colors like mauve or pale blue.

Since contemporary kitchen ideas are all about adding new trends and unconventional colors, go ahead and experiment with the colors. If you want, you can say yes to the matte finish walls as that will give your kitchen a sophisticated look. Textured wall paints can make your kitchen space appear sophisticated and add elusiveness to it. 

2. Get a sober kitchen sink

Kitchen accessories play a huge part in determining the look of the kitchen space. The kitchen sink is one of the essential kitchen accessories you can count on for an instant look change. New-age kitchen sink providers are coming up with attractive options to help you better arrange your kitchen space.

If you want to add a kitchen sink that will steal glances, earn appreciation and do the job it is supposed to, you can choose from the quality black sinks by Kraus USA. Choose the design that complements your kitchen space.

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3. You can implement it on a worktable island


Say yes to the kitchen island! With this you have a variation that can give a different look to your kitchen space. If you have an old-printing press work table, you can transform it to a one-of-the-kind classy kitchen island.

Here, the shallow drawers that once existed can be used as a space for accommodating cooking utensils. You can place it strategically so that it enables people to walk without facing any hindrance and accomplish all their kitchen work. 

4. Get some plants

Add a natural vibe to your kitchen space, by adding few plants! You can say yes to the potted plants and keep them on the window side. Many homeowners look at this as a scope to grow herbs in their kitchen and use it in cooking.

It serves both purposes – to add an element of greenery to the kitchen space and also to use the rich herbs in cooking that will add to the nutritional value of the platter. Start by keeping one potted plant and then add more as you become comfortable with this idea. 

Finally, the other clever hack that you can execute to change the kitchen space appearance is to say yes to the wall storage. Here you can place the pans and spatulas that will enable you to save space. You can choose a bright background and attach the hooks where you can keep the utensils and also showcase it. It also adds a new-age look to your kitchen space. 

There are several ways to change the look of your kitchen without paying a considerable amount. The ideas mentioned above have proven helpful for many. You could select one or all based on your style preference and budget capacity.

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