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10 Best Cool Tricks With Google You Did Not Know About!

With Google dominating the search market, it’s kind of hard to imagine a world without it. However, like every other website, people find out some of the cool tricks with Google that are worth trying right away. We bet you are gonna love these!

Cool Google Tricks To Try

With these cool tricks, you will definitely have more from Google than that from search results. Some of them are funny and some of them are fun to try in your free time.

1. Customize Google With Your Name

If you’ve ever wished to customize Google with your name, then this cool trick with Google can do that for that too!

Customize Google With Your Name - cool tricks with google

For this simply type ‘Goglogo’ in your Google search bar and click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

Now if you enter your name into the ‘Goglogo’ search box then you will have a customized Google homepage in your name!

2. Google Gravity

Google Gravity cool tricks

This trick will make your homepage crashing down. To apply this trick go to the Google homepage and type ‘Google gravity’. Ignore the autosuggestions and press ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

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You can also throw the pieces around using your mouse! Google tricks like Google Gravity make sure that you never run out of fun things to do while browsing!

3. Barrel Roll

The barrel roll is yet another fun trick to try on Google. For this visit, to the Google homepage and type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and hit enter.

Now watch your screen go tumble down! If you’re in the mood for some more fun, type ‘do a barrel roll 20 times’ and watch your screen go bonkers!

4. Google Sphere

This Google trick is one of my personal favorites. In order to do this, visit the Google homepage and type ‘Google sphere’ in the search box.

Now press ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and within a couple of the constituents of the page will take the shape of a moving sphere.

5. Google Mirror

Google Mirror - cool tricks with google

This trick will turn everything in Google to a mirror image. For this trick go to the Google homepage, type ‘Google mirror’ and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

Now you will see the mirror image in the browser which is actually a quite cool trick to watch.

6. Google Askew

This Google trick may not be known to many. This trick is quite similar to the ‘tilt’ trick. For this go to Google and type ‘askew’ in your Google search. Alternatively, you can directly search it in the Google search bar.

You will instantly notice the result coming in a tilted manner on its own. This is actually a cool trick as it tilts the page somewhat to the left.

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7. Speak Klingon Google

If you are a Star Trek fan, here is the coolest fact about Google – Google has a Klingon version available through which you can search too.

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When you have some time on your hands visit this Klingon version of Google page to know more.

8. Google Pirate

Google Pirate

If you love pirates then here is a piece of good news for you. You can use Google to display everything in pirate dialect. For this go to the Google homepage, type ‘Google pirate’ and hit ‘I’m feeling lucky’. With results, you will mark all the google options are being converted to pirate dialect.

9. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is yet another cool trick with google that you can check out in your free time. For this visit Google search and type zerg rush. As soon as you get the result to visit the Play “Zerg Rush” by Google to view its effects.

A row of zeros will hit your screen, click on them to destroy them because if you don’t they will eat up all of your search results!

10. Flip A Coin

Flip a coin

If you ever bet on something of playing any sports and looking for a coin to use then google can help you with that. Do you know with google you can flip a coin without having a real coin with you physically?

This is one of the useful tricks which may come handy in certain situations. For this Go to the Google homepage, type ‘Flip a coin’ and press enter.

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