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Best Foods To Eat For A Healthy Uterus

In a woman’s body, the uterus plays a very important role in the reproduction process. Therefore, it is important that every woman should consume food for a healthy uterus. You must add certain foods to your diet to achieve a healthy uterus.

Keep reading to find out which foods to include in your diet for a healthy uterus.

Food For Healthy Uterus

1. Lemon

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and aid in improving the immunity of your uterus. Consume a glass of warm water with a lemon squeezed into it every day in the morning. This may help improve the health of your uterus.

Further, Lemons contain citrate, which helps prevent calcium from building up and forming stones in your kidneys. Interestingly, the benefit doesn’t seem to be present in oranges, making lemon a unique tool in kidney stone prevention.

2. Greens

Greens, like kale, spinach, collard greens, and stinging nettles, help to maintain the alkaline balance of your uterus. Nutrients and folic acid present in greens make your uterus healthy. They also provide minerals for the optimal functioning of your nervous system.

You can make tea from stinging nettle and consume 2 to 4 cups every day. You can also add other green vegetables to your diet. You will get all the nutrients, including folic acid, to ensure your uterus health.

3. Nuts and Seeds

Seeds and nuts are helpful in the optimal production of hormones. Consume seeds and nuts, such as almonds, flaxseeds, and cashew nuts. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and good cholesterol which help in removing fibroids and preventing uterine cancer.

Further, good cholesterol helps maintain your serum cholesterol level. It also prevents the birth of a premature baby or a low-weight full-term baby.

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4. Fruits

Fruits, rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids may help in delaying the growth of fibroids in your uterus. They can also normalize your estrogen levels. So make sure you eat a good dose of fruits.

Bioflavonoids may also prevent ovarian cancer and may help in keeping your reproductive system healthy. In fact, try to eat fruits in between meals when you feel hungry. This will stop you from eating junk and also supply the nutrients required by your uterus to stay healthy.

5. Vegetables

Vegetables are a great source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. Eat a diet rich in vegetables to reduce the risk of fibroids. Further, vegetables can also slow down the progress of fibroid tumors. For this, you need to eat vegetables, such as legumes, cabbage, bok choy, and broccoli.

These vegetables are rich in phytoestrogens which have the ability to compete with the body’s estrogen. Thus, phytoestrogens help to bring down your estrogen levels, thereby halting the growth of tumors in your uterus.

6. Dairy Products

Dairy products like yogurt, cheese, milk, and butter are rich in calcium and vitamin D and are very essential for uterine health. While calcium helps to keep your bones healthy, vitamin D plays a vital role in reducing the risk of uterine fibroids. You also need vitamin D to help in the absorption of calcium.

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7. Green Tea

Green tea is packed full of health-promoting compounds. Regularly drinking green tea can help you lose weight and reduce your risk of several diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Further, they not only help maintain a healthy uterus but may also aid in treating fibroids in the uterus. Drinking three to five cups of green tea per day seems to be optimal to reap the most health benefits.

8. Cold Water Fish

Fishes like mackerel and salmon are rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and help to reduce the production of prostaglandin that may cause severe contraction of the uterus.

This is a hormone-like compound that can cause severe contraction of the uterus. Due to the severity of the contraction, it can sometimes cause the uterus to get malpositioned.

9. Fiber

Eating a diet rich in fiber can help eliminate the wastes and toxins from your body. It also eliminates excessive estrogen stored in your body and prevents the formation of uterine fibroids.

Look at beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains as a source of fiber. Try to eat organic food as it will be free from chemicals and pesticides. Additionally, when eating a high fiber diet, it is important you drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. It will ease the movement of fiber through your digestive tract.

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10. Castor Oil

Intake of castor oil can treat ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. The ricinoleic acid in castor oil strengthens your immune system and makes the uterus more resistant to infections.

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