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6 Best Bamboo Steamers – Tips To Use It (2023)

Bamboo steamers are made of interlocking baskets that stack on top of each other, with a lid on top. The complete setup is placed over a wok or pot of simmering water, and the steam rises through the open ridges at the bottom of each basket, up through the layers to cook whatever’s inside.

It’s a fact that steaming is not only a great way to cook food, but it’s also a great way to reheat repaired food. So if you are looking for bamboo streamers and confused with a lot of available options then try our list to get a perfect one.

Best Bamboo Steamers

1. BirdRock Home 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer 


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If you are a fan of Authentic Chinese Food or just a health enthusiast, you must try out The BirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer. This steamer allows you to Cook natural foods without oil.

Perfect for steam-cooking veggies, dumplings, chicken, fish, rice, or other foods. The bamboo steamer basket includes 2 separate levels that measure 10″ inches wide so you can cook more food.

Reviewers say: “All round good bamboo steamer, very easy to use and clean. fits perfectly on my wok and also on one of my saucepans, very happy with my purchase.” says one buyer.

2. Cuisine Natural 10″ Bamboo Steamer


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This bamboo steamer comes with a bonus of 20 bamboo steamer separator papers. Ideal for Steaming Vegetables, Rice, Beef, Fish, and Dim Sum. Further, this has two tired steamers with a lid that allows multiple items steamed simultaneously.

Reviewers say: “I bought this to make bao buns. The side is perfect for that. I sat it directly on my 10″ shallow pot and it worked well. Seems sturdy and held in steam pretty tight. Not sure how to clean the best yet, but I am sure I will sort that out.” says one buyer.

3. Mister Kitchenware 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer


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Steaming is a more gentle process than simmering, frying, boiling, or poaching. It helps preserve minerals and vitamins while keeping the food’s color, shape, flavor, and texture. There is also a need to use any oil or fat when cooking with a bamboo steamer. Fantastic for Christmas gift bags.

Bamboo steamers can have stackable layers with slatted bottoms. Such multi-level steamers are highly efficient as they allow you to steam multiple items simultaneously. These two-tier baskets allow the space to cook or reheat more servings at once.

Bamboo steamers absorb the excess moisture which in turn prevents condensation from dripping on the food. Constructed of a circular bamboo frame, the steamer features a slatted bamboo bottom that allows steam to move freely within the cooking chamber.

The domed bamboo-mesh lid helps circulate heat. If you don’t like soggy veggies, you have yet another reason to use a bamboo steamer.

Reviewers say: “I had used a small stainless steamer basket before, but not in the past 5 years. I decided to get this steamer basket specifically for seafood and vegetables. It does a wonderful job. It will now be my go-to method for cooking fish and vegetables.” says one buyer.

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4. Premium 10 Inch Handmade Bamboo Steamer


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With this premium bamboo steamer, you can steam all types of food! Veggies, rice, dumplings, fish, and meat! This high-quality, 100% bamboo cooker has an incredible two-tiered design that allows you to cook multiple things at once!

This 100% premium quality bamboo steamer is made with value and craftsmanship at the forefront! Providing endless cooking and steaming opportunities, this Asian food cooker comes with a variety of wonderful tools helping make it a perfect steam pot for a large variety of kitchen ideas!

With all of the products included with this Asian steam pot, you’ll be ready to create your own bowls of rice, baskets of fish, fresh vegetable-oriented meals, tender meats, and more!

Whether you know a kitchen enthusiast that loves Asian food, someone who is just learning to cook, or maybe a person that’s been looking for an alternative way to prepare regular meals. The bamboo steamer is a great gift for anyone!

It’s versatile and lasts a long time. It will immediately make cooking and steaming food more fun! This food steamer set is sure to be a welcomed addition to any household, and would make an awesome surprise gift!

Reviewers say: “I have ordered many different bamboo steamers. This is by far the best. Also, it came beautifully packaged with a much appreciated adorable dipping dish, boxed chopsticks & liners. Excellent product.” says one buyer.

5. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen 10″ Bamboo Steamer Basket


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Easily steam vegetables, meats, seafood, and more with this two-tiered bamboo steamer with lid from Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen. This steamer features a sturdy two-tiered bamboo design for long-lasting durability.

Attractive, lightweight, and harvested from a responsible, constantly replenished resource, bamboo is an ideal material for durability and versatility.

Steamers accentuate the natural flavor of foods and retain nutrients and vitamins while cooking with less fat and oil. Use the small steamer baskets as individual serving pieces right at the table.

The steamer is designed to sit over another pot containing boiling water. As the water boils, the steam enters the steamer through the open slats in the bottom and is contained in the steamer by the lid.

The bamboo steamer absorbs any condensation, keeping water from dripping back onto the food. When heated, it forms a hot container and, with the cover in place, can keep food warm for up to half an hour.

Reviewers say: “I wanted to buy this to learn a new cooking style in the kitchen. Making buns is truly the best using this equipment. I would recommend using parchment paper inside so the buns won’t stick (poke holes for steam). I also recommend getting the 2 tier version, it comes in handy. Haven’t used it to steam other food groups or veggies yet lolz. A must-buy!” says one buyer.

6. Three Piece 6 Inch Bamboo Steamer


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Happy Sales three-piece 6-inch bamboo steamer retains natural flavors and nutrients by steaming vegetables and seafood. Also, ideal for use as a serving piece for pastries and bread. 6-inch diameter.

Reviewers say: “Love this steamer, very easy to use. I have the ring that fits on top of the pot so the steamer rests on the ring. Bought one for my son also who asked why bamboo vs stainless steel steer. The bamboo enhances the flavor of the food. The food is cooked quickly and evenly.” says one buyer.

Tips To Use A Bamboo Steamer

From whole or sliced vegetables to dumplings and fish fillets, you can cook anything in a steamer basket. Here is the process you should follow,

1. Fill The Steamer

Line the bottom of each tray with lettuce or cabbage leaves to prevent the food from sticking to the basket. Then add the food you want to cook in a single layer.

2. Fill A Pot With Water

Make sure your steamer basket fits snugly in the pot and isn’t in danger of tipping over. Check the bottom layer of food will sit above the waterline and doesn’t get submerged.

3. Place The Steamer Over The Pot

Once the water is simmering, settle the steamer basket over the pot. Keep an eye on the water level and add more if the pot starts to go dry. Check your food periodically until it is done to your liking.


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