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Alexa Having Trouble Understanding Right Now – Solved

Its lot easier to fix it than you think...

Recently a lot of Alexa users get frustrated when they find out Alexa can’t respond to their simple requests and repeats the phrase. So what’s the reason behind Alexa having trouble understanding right now? How to fix “Alexa having trouble understanding right now?”

Alexa Not Understanding Response

Generally, when Alexa encounters this issue it will speak this phrase, in addition to the echo’s lights illuminating red.

“Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now. Please try a little later.”

Reason Behind “Alexa Not Understanding You Right Now”

Typically it happens when an Amazon Echo device has trouble reaching Amazon’s servers to help interpret and understand what you are saying Alexa will speak the error message. Most of the cases the issue lies with your internet connection. However sometimes there even an error on Amazon’s end.

Alexa Having Trouble Understanding Right Now

How to Fix “Alexa Having Trouble Understanding”?

Restart Your Alexa Device:

It’s always the first and simple solution to most of the gadgets. Simply restart your Alexa and verify whether its working or not. To do this just unplug your Echo device from the wall, then plug it back in again.

Verify Your Internet Connection:

Alexa needs an active Wi-Fi connection to access the internet and interpret your commands. For this Check your router and modem to ensure you have access to the internet; if it does not then resolve your internet connection. Also, check whether Alexa is well within your wifi range or not.

Contact Amazon Support:

Sometimes servers, even those owned by Amazon, see downtime. Alexa could have trouble connecting because of this downtime, but the problem may lay with Amazon. Contact their support to check if they have currently encountered any issues.

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Reset Alexa to Factory Defaults:

Sometimes devices encounter software issues that can’t resolve on their own. In those cases resetting the device back to its factory defaults may fix the issue.

Firmware Mismatch

Make sure you are using the latest firmware in your Alexa device. Alexa automatically checks for the latest firmware every night. However, there might be a glitch that is preventing to perform daily checks and you have to fix that issue manually.

To fix “Alexa having trouble understanding” hit the mute button and keep it muted for 30 minutes. It will start updating the firmware and hopefully fix the issue caused.


If you need extra guidance in troubleshooting Alexa and your Echo device, we recommend that you reach Amazon support for more help.

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