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10 Secret Body Language Of Men In Love

Looking for the body language of men in love? Well, emotions look the same for most but body language and facial expression tell the truth.

Girls don’t like to ask a guy about their feeling and in those cases, it can be frustrating trying to decode what a man feels emotional about you. In those conditions, the body language of men in love comes handy.

Body Language Of Men In Love

The problem is that most guys grew up not learning how to communicate their feelings. It leaves a lot of room for misunderstandings and unspoken sentiments.

Further, your guy might be particularly shy or terrified at the thought of getting turned down. Luckily, I have managed to list out the body language to know whether your man is in love or not.

1. He Always Tries To Look His Best


This is the first secret body language of men in love. To identify this, look at the way he’s standing in front of you – if he appeared laid back and relaxed before you showed up, he might suddenly act like there’s an invisible hanger in the back of his shirt.

Further, he’ll be showing off his glorious pecs by sticking his chest out. He’s unintentionally broadcasting his masculine features in the hopes of getting your attention, not unlike peacocks who flaunt their feathers to attract a mate.

You might even catch him fixing his hair or smoothing out his shirt with his hands if he knows you’re nearby.

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2. He Tries To Get Into Your Personal Space

This is a crucial sign that a man is falling in love with you. If he is into you, he will try to get into your personal space. This includes standing or sitting as close to you as possible.

Someone’s personal space is really intimate, and so if he is trying to sneak in close to you, he is showing you that he is open to being intimate with you.

Naturally, you are going to want to be close to someone that you are only sexually attracted to of course. However, being close to someone also shows that the person is allowing himself to show a certain amount of vulnerability by putting him out there.

3. He Touches You More

One of the secret body languages of men in love is that they will make every excuse to touch you and feel your skin on his. This can be anything from a small graze on your shoulder to touching the arch of your back as you walk together.

These subtle touches might not be very noticeable, but if you know what to look for you will be able to notice that they are more than just friendly.

If you notice that he is lingering on to the hug just a little too long, or kissing a little too close to your lips, then it is a sure sign that he has feelings for you.

4. He Smiles A Lot Around You


This is a really clear sign that he has feelings for you. His face is showing you that he is happy you are around. Most people will smile as soon as they see someone, that’s normal.

However, try to notice if he is still smiling after some time that the two of you have been together. If his face keeps lighting up throughout your conversation, he is most likely so happy to be in your presence that he can’t control it.

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5. He Tries To Know Everything About You

Another sign to identify the man is in love with you by noticing his discussion topics. If he talks about your daily activity and tries to know everything you do in a day then it’s a clear sign that the person is in love with you.

When we love someone, we generally try to find ways to know everything our loved ones do. So, if you think he asks a lot about your daily routine, and activity then it’s a clear sign that he is in love with you.

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6. He Has A Different Vibe Around You

Do you notice something different about the person when he is with you? If he is acting differently around you than that other people then it’s a sign that the man is in love with you.

If your man acts like this with you, and not with anyone else, then he sees you differently from others, which is a good thing. This is because he feels cautious around you to not make any mistakes.

You can easily identify the signs by noticing his behavior around you.

7. He Feels Jealous When You Speak To Other Men


This is one of the proofs that the man loves you. If someone gets mad at you for having a purely friendly conversation with other men, this could be a sure sign that you are a jealous person.

However, if a man is falling in love with you, he’s probably not going to be overly pleased if other men are coming over to you and speaking with you. If he is not standing with you, you might notice that his facial expression changes into showing a more sad or angry tone.

If he is standing with you and acts weird this is basically telling the other guy to leave you alone because you are his.

8. He Imitates You

When someone falls in love, the person imitates the other person’s actions. These actions can be anything from mimicking you running your hands through your hair, to taking a drink at the same time as you.

He probably won’t even realize that he is doing it. His subconscious will be nervously making him copy exactly what you are doing. If you suspect he is doing this, but you aren’t sure, why don’t you just do something else to see him mimicking you? It will tell you all you need to know.

9. He Is Always Facing You

When a man falls in love, he tries to give his full, undivided attention. So if the guy loves you then he will make sure that he is facing you, with his whole body pointing towards you whenever you speak to each other.

In addition to this, while his whole body is lined up straight on with yours, he will probably dip his head to the side to listen to you speak. This is a common body language trait of someone who is in falling in love. He is bowing his head subconsciously to show you his vulnerable side, and also probably consciously to get closer to you.

10. You Just Feel He Is In Love With You

Lastly, follow your instinct. Men can subconsciously do things that reflect their feeling. Therefore, you will most likely be able to feel the energy. Our subconscious thoughts or instincts are normally always showing us the truth, and therefore if you feel like he is falling in love with you, you are probably right.

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