7 Best Soundproof Carpets and Flooring Materials

Are you looking for the best soundproof carpets and flooring materials? When it comes to soundproof carpets and flooring materials, most products don’t perform to the desired levels, and if you don’t know what to look out for then you can end up wasting lots of money.

Although there are a lot of products available in the market, it’s difficult to select the best soundproof carpets and flooring materials. From the material, its quality, price to reviews we considered everything to create this list of the best soundproof carpets and flooring materials.

Best Soundproof Carpets and Flooring Materials

1. Soundsulate MLV

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Soundsulate MLV is the superior solution over other soundproofing alternatives for blocking sound effectively. The very thin and flexible characteristics make it a great choice for a variety of sound control applications without compromising space.

It is designed to reduce noise transmission through floors, walls, and ceilings. Typical applications include applying over studs, joists, or suspended ceilings. It can also be used as an acoustic wrap for machinery, equipment, and ductwork.

Reviewers say: “Good product, easy to work with, and cuts easily. The product is soft, so stapling is necessary to keep it attached. The roll is very heavy, you’ll need a strong back and a helper. Very impressed with the sound suppression.” says one buyer.

2. Stalwart Interlocking EVA Foam Padding Soft Flooring

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This Non-Toxic, BPA’s and Phthalates foam tiles by Stalwart are used to protect your floor and create a comfortable space with exceptional support and cushion.

Further, the non-skid textured foam padding can be used anywhere that needs extra cushioning. These quality floor mats are perfect for exercise areas, workshops or playrooms. Give yourself shock-absorbing comfort when doing Yoga or weight lifting!

Foam tiles connect quickly and easily and can be disassembled just as simply for quick storage. Thanks to the puzzle piece edge design, when interlocked the mats stay firmly in place.

Reviewers say: “I use this as shelf matting in my game room to support surround sound subwoofers. The colors are lively and energetic and the foam is excellent for eliminating mechanical vibrations between the subwoofer and shelf so the energy of the subwoofer is acoustically transferred through the game room’s walls producing a pure and faithful bass.” says one buyer.

3. MP Global QuietWalk Laminate Flooring

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Quiet Walk Plus is the premium 100 sq. ft. Underlayment choice allowing firm support for multiple types of flooring with great acoustic benefits. Built with sound reduction and moisture dissipation in mind.

The vapor barrier is specially designed for an optimal bond with adhesives for easy installation. Synthetic fiber pads are fast becoming the most specified underlayment architects and designers due to their acoustical and moisture protection qualities.

A dense recycled fiber structure supports the click-together mechanism and will uphold its supportive configuration under the consistent traffic of the overlying floor.

Reviewers say: “Just installed engineered hardwood floors and used this as the underlayment. Absorbs a bunch of sounds and makes the floor super soft. I installed over concrete and it makes the flooring feel like it’s on a wood subfloor.” says one buyer.

4. First Step Roll Underlayment

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The ROBERTS First Step Premium 3-in-1 Underlayment, 630 sq. ft. roll is designed for use under floating laminate and engineered wood flooring. This product is meant for use on concrete slabs and wood subfloors that are below, on or above grade.

This underlayment creates a pocket of constantly circulating air, which inhibits mold growth. It is effective for sound reduction, moisture protection, comfort and even helps level minor sub-floor corrections.

Reviewers say: “Great stuff. Install is easy largely because of the built-in joint tape. It helps dampen sound and surprisingly, my floor is warmer than with the last underlay. Square footage is accurate as it was just enough to cover what I had measured.” says one buyer.

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5. CLEVERBRAND Sponge Neoprene

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This is a closed cell sponge neoprene. It is primarily used as a cushion and sealing tape against air and moisture.

It can also be used as a dust seal for furniture, store fixtures, and partitions, noise insulation, padding, expansion joints of precast concrete and steel, vapor barrier for prefab buildings, HVAC & refrigeration, automotive.

It is also an excellent door seal for truck and bus bodies, offload equipment, and transformer cabinets. There may be a tolerance of up to +/- 3/8″ from the dimensions of the product.

Reviewers say: “I like this because it is large and allows me to cut it to whatever I need it for. In the past, I have bought thick sheets but not as thick as this is… or as large. Definitely the best buy. Will buy it again.” says one buyer.

6. FloorMuffler Ultra Seal Underlay

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FloorMuffler UltraSeal flooring underlayment is a Premium Grade cross-linked polypropylene foam with UltraSeal self-sealing lip and tape system.

FloorMuffler UltraSeal is the ideal choice for most Laminate, Engineered, and Solid hardwood flooring applications and can used for Floating, Nail Down, and Double Glue Down installations.

Ideal in both residential and commercial projects. Highest Acoustic Ratings on the market: IIC up to 74 dB, STC up to 73 dB, Delta IIC up to 25 dB Built-in Moisture Barrier. UltraSeal lip & tape system joins rolls at the seams ensuring moisture protection.

Reviewers say: “I used this for my family room and my basement. Works great for insulation and noise. Very easy to work with.” says one buyer.

7. ProTech Luxury Vinyl Flooring Plank

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The Protech Luxury Vinyl Planks offer superior wear and scratch protection with a 0.7 mm (28 mil) wear layer and UV coating. The attached underlayment provides acoustic, sound and thermal insulation, and hides subfloor imperfections, allowing minimal preparation for most subfloors during installation.

It is an intricate blend of the popular grey and has streaks of warm colors, making it easy to color coordinate with your furniture. It represents Heritage Grade oak, which displays the wood’s natural medley of color and character, and features all of wood’s natural features: color variation, mineral streaking, small surface knots, and large filled knots that can be up to two inches in diameter.

This creates a floor that is full of visual texture and makes it a great product for those who want an extraordinary and diverse floor. The medium embossed surface, with the fusion of shades and tones, looks and feels like real Heritage Grade hardwood and is easy to maintain. It has the lucid beauty of natural wood, but without the potential problems of wood floor’s cracking or warping.

Reviewers say: “Easy to use. Worth it. High quality. Recommend.” says one buyer.


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