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How to Charge Laptop in Car

It is possible to charge your laptop in car or van, but you will need specialized equipment to do so. Your vehicle must also have a functional cigarette lighter, which is normally located near the car’s audio.

Charging your laptop with your running vehicle is a straightforward procedure once you have the proper adapter for your laptop. Keep in mind that if your car’s engine isn’t running then you won’t be able to charge your laptop.

How To Charge Laptop In Car

Charging the laptop in the car is straightforward, but it requires a running vehicle and the appropriate adaptor. To complete this work effectively, purchase the best and most compatible adapters. You should read this article if you want to know the numerous techniques and methods for charging a laptop in a car.

There are several straightforward methods to charge a laptop in your car while traveling:

1. Car Laptop Charger

The vehicle charger is the simplest method for charging a laptop in a car. These chargers allow you to charge your laptop by plugging it into a cigarette lighter socket in your car’s power source. The first step is to acquire a car laptop charger for your laptop and confirm that it is compatible with your laptop.

These chargers are reasonably priced and widely available on the market. The second thing to remember is that the car engine should be running during this process. Simply connect the charger to the car’s power outlet and the other end to the laptop to charge it.

2. USB Type-C Charger

The USB Type-C cable charger is the best and fastest way to charge a laptop in a car. To use this method, your laptop must have a Type-C port in order to connect to the car battery. Connect one end of the USB Type-C cable to the USB-C connector on your laptop and the other end to the charging port of a car.

3. Power Bank

A power bank can be used to charge your laptop in the car without the use of any car accessories. The power bank is a device that is typically used to charge mobile phones or other electronic gadgets, but it can also be used to charge laptop computers. Purchase a power bank with a capacity of 40 watts to charge the laptop’s battery.

There are numerous varieties of power banks available that are specifically designed to charge laptops. Make sure that your laptop can be charged via the power bank and that the power bank is completely charged. Connect the power bank to the laptop via a USB port. Connect the USB cable to the laptop’s USB port and the other end to the power bank.

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4. 12V Power Outlet

If your car lacks USB ports, charge the laptop using the cigarette lighter socket. To begin, insert the power plug into the power socket and connect the other end of the wire to the laptop.

5. Car Inverter

If your laptop lacks a USB Type-C or Type-A port, you can use this method to charge it in the car. Simply connect your laptop’s original charger to the inverter. As the laptop requires AC power to charge, the car’s inverter transforms the power from DC to AC.

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Charging a laptop in car is simple and safe. You will just need certain adapters or inverters that are compatible with your device. The best methods to charge a laptop in a car are listed above, choose any of them based on your situation and device compatibility. Make sure the adapters are of good quality and that you don’t leave them connected to the car’s battery for too long.


Is It Safe to Charge Your Laptop in Car?

Yes, charging a laptop in a car is safe, just be sure to get the correct adapter and inverter that meets your laptop’s power needs. The incorrect adapter damages the car’s power outlet and the laptop. Before purchasing an adapter, double-check its quality and compatibility.

Does Charging the Laptop Drain Car’s Battery?

Yes, if the engine is turned off and you are charging your laptop otherwise, no, unless you are performing heavy tasks. When the engine is running, the car’s battery charges automatically.

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