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How To Give The Perfect Love Bite?

Hickey’s aka love bites is one of the most sensual expressions of passion and pleasure between you and your partner. These marks show the affection of your loved one to make him remind of you.

Leaving a scratch mark on nails or a love bite is what comes from a woman and everyone wants to show it off with pride. Women proudly mark their territory (their man) in this sweet-sensual way. Here’s all you need to know about how to give a perfect love bite!

What is a Love-Bite or a Hickey?

Love bites or hickeys are nothing but a small discoloration of the skin anywhere on the body caused by sucking. It is an almost circular mark left on the skin due to the rupturing of a blood capillary. It happens by continuous and strong biting and sucking of the skin.

The best part of love bites is that every time you look at them, you are reminded of the events of passion. Although walking into a meeting with a hickey on you doesn’t reflect well, however, there is nothing wrong with wearing a mark of love.

How to give love bites?

Love Bites or hickeys can be given in a lot of different areas of the body. The best part for that love bite would be the neck as it is the perfect spot and the best place to give a love bite. It is the most sensual and sensitive part to make him even more passionate. Further, it can be hidden under an appropriate piece of clothing.

If you are getting a hickey and don’t want it to be seen, then your breasts are the most erogenous option. The closer it is to your nipples, the more sensual and the better.

A sexual love bite on the shoulder also does an equally good trick. So, begin by selecting the part of the body where you want to give or get a love bite.

Just go with the flow and have him wherever you wish to without giving it a second thought. Start by lightly kissing and biting that portion of the skin. Small, sensual bites will make it easier for you to give a hickey as it loosens the skin.

Remember, foreplay is very important before a hickey or it is just a bruise with no memory. Once you are ready, round your mouth in the shape of ‘O’. The size of the ‘O’ should be bigger than what you would make while sucking the juice from a straw.

Then suck on the skin hard for a few seconds. It will take up to 2 minutes for the hickey to show. Depending on your partner’s skin, the hickey will appear within a time duration of 10 to 30 seconds. After a couple of seconds, pull away to check if the mark has appeared. If it hasn’t, then keep going. Remember, the harder the suction, the darker the mark.

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Facts about hickeys/Love bites

1. Hickeys are hard to vanish

If it’s done one a visible position then there may be times when you need to hide it from the public. That is the time when you regret your decision about having one.

There are no full-proof ways of vanishing a hickey, however, you can try some home remedies to get rid of hickeys fast. Remember, these remedies only reduce the appearance. No matter what you dab on, nothing is going to help.

2. Hickeys can hurt

Hickeys are caused by sucking, they bruise the first and the second layer of the skin. These layers are too sensitive to get injured easily. Thus, hickeys/love bites can hurt.

However, the pain of the hickey is not an intense one. It will only hurt slightly for a day or two. It is not always hurtful depending upon the sensitivity of the spot where it is given. The pain is linked with the level of intensity by which it is given.

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