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Literotica Alternatives: 8 Free & Best Sites For Sexy Reads

From nifty.org to Chyoa, here are 8 free and best alternatives to Literotica.

Literotica: No doubt literotica.com is one of the most popular websites to read erotic novels online. We all love fantasies as they offer the best sexual experiences one could possibly imagine.

Literotica is a user-submitted erotic fiction site with over 420,000 stories, essays, poems, and audio titles available for free. The site has been operating for over twenty years and has a huge community of active writers and readers.

However certain situations come when our imagination goes blank and requires some erotic literature to spark the light. So if you are looking for some best alternatives to sites like Literotica which offers free adult fiction then there are some best websites like Nifty.org and others that offer content for free.

These free websites like Literotica offer diverse collections of content to those who look for some out-of-the-box content. This not only helps you with fulfilling your sexual desire but also provides some crazy ideas to implement in your bedroom. In fact with these online erotica websites, you can rev up your mind and change your mood completely.

What is Literotica?

free erotica sites like literotica

Literotica is one of the biggest and free sources for the sexiest erotic novels online. It was founded in 1998 and features over 420,000 stories that are absolutely unique and they come from a wide variety of authors.

You will get a wide range of content like adult fiction stories, poems, essays, and audio files which are submitted by its active members. Because of this Literotica gets over 53 million hits each month.

Furthermore, Literotica offers a wide range of categories from BDSM to sci-fi and fantasy, romance to taboo, and pretty much everything in between.

Membership on its website is totally free and the site is one of the largest repositories of erotic fiction online, anywhere in the world. Despite Literotica’s outdated design, it still has a huge active community.

Literotica Alternatives


Studies have shown that written words are far more erotic than visual pornography. This makes sites like Literotica more popular than visual websites. For these websites, it’s essential to publish engaging erotic friction content to keep the audience engaged.

Websites like Literotica allow their users to provide content for free which makes them stand out from the rest of the websites. These websites get fresh content every day and also allow their authors to use their platform to market their paid content with links to their websites and online stores.

No doubt Literotica offers all the crucial additions like bulletin boards, chat rooms, and open forums but there is still space for more. Here are the 8 best and free alternatives to Literotica which offers a massive selection of fantasies.

These similar sites like Literotica offer their content for free and provide the best way to stimulate the sexiest organ in your body and mind. Note that for most of these websites you have to be 18 and up.

Best Alternatives To Literotica

sites like literotica

1. Nifty.org

If you looking for more content to read like adult fiction online other than Literotica then nifty.org is probably one of the best alternatives to try. Launched in 1992, Nifty is a very similar site to Literotica that offers more than 235,000 pieces of erotic novels written by 15,000+ authors.

This website is for the LGBT community specifically, however, it also offers all the normal fetish categories that you traditionally see on an erotica website (celebrity, historical, exhibitionist, et al), but focuses entirely on LGBT.

This popular website receives more than 9 million visitors each month and updates fresh content on a weekly basis. Like Literotica, Nifty is also free to use and there is no need to register for a membership. Apart from that, it is well-categorized and comes with a simplistic design.

2. BDSM Cafe

The BDSM Cafe is one of my personal favorites among all erotica websites. It is one of the really modern and nicely designed sites that offer free fiction. This is one of the sites like Literotica that offers everything from novels to short stories and provides worthy research for those interested in breaking into the lifestyle.

Apart from free stories, this site also provides free advice as well as fetish pictures, and some movie trailers. There is even a section for longer fiction and novels.

The BDSM Cafe receives over 250,000 visitors each month which makes it of the world’s longest-running BDSM fiction sites.

All content is 100% free and you do not need to be a member to access any material online. So if you are looking for something kinky then you should simply check out this website once.

3. adult-fanfiction.org

If you love erotic novels online then you must have come across adult-fanfiction.org before. Get ready to get down into a fancy world with some of the best erotic stories. This website is absolutely the place to go for all of your sexy fandom needs among all erotica websites.

Receiving more than 4 million hits per month and ranked in the top 100 adult websites in the world, Adult Fan Fiction brings together erotic works created as an homage to genres as diverse. Just take a look at it and I am sure you will definitely love its content.

The sad part about it is that the site is not anymore in terms of the forum or new content. However, just like Literotica, its archives are full of erotic novels that you can read online for free.


4. LushStories

Lush Stories is more like a social network than just a free online library of erotic fiction. It is one of the best alternatives to Literotica which offers some of the best erotic novels online.

The site has 370,000+ members and gets more than 5 million hits each month. This makes it one of the top 1000 adult websites in the world.

With this alternative site to Literotica, members have access to over 52,000 stories from diverse categories. It owns a wide range of stories from a wide range of people. From poetry to college sex they got it all covered, you can also find audio files, eBooks, and more. Apart from that, it includes watersports, fetish, and BDSM to threesomes, steampunk, and swingers.

You can register for a free 90-day membership but after the time period, you need to become a paid subscriber. Currently, the subscription charge ranges from $10-$50 with a lifetime membership costing $200.

5. Alt Sex Stories Text Repository(ASSTR)

Alt Sex Stories once a demanded text repository still remains a good alternative to Literotica which offers free online erotic fiction. This Text Repository offers a wider range of erotic novel categories along with a huge selection to look over.

Like Literotica.com, this website offers some of the best erotica reads which is a great place for just about everyone. Currently, Alt Sex Stories gets more than 9.5 million hits per month.

The design of the site is pretty basic and it’s not simple to navigate or find specific content. However, that doesn’t stop users from accessing its content. Like Literotica, this website offers a range from blackmail, humiliation, and bondage to something else entirely.

6. Chyoa

Chyoa is yet another free place to get content like Literotica and it offers nearly 7.2k various interactive sex stories for you to read and participate in. Stories on Chyoa are completely unique and well-written and the best part of the website is that it has a lot of different contributing authors to produce fresh content regularly.

7. True Dirty Stories

True Dirty Stories is another website like Literotica where users can share their ‘true’ stories with the world. As all the contents are from the users so they consist of only a few hundred words which makes it easier to read.

This site may not be as popular as Literotica, but it gets a decent amount of traffic. This is because of its free content and decent categorization. Currently, this site gets over 300,000 visitors per month.

8. The Kristen Archives

Founded in 1997, The Kristen Archives is one of the women’s personal library collections of erotic stories. All of the content is free and you can expect to find a wide range of genres and subjects. This includes Military stories, Gloryhole stories, Swinger stories, TV, Movie, Sitcom parodies, and much more.

The website lacks well design UI, which makes it more difficult to find relevant content. The directory is arranged in chronological order and titles are arranged alphabetically.

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