6 Best & Free Literotica Alternatives For Sexy Reads 2019

It’s a dark secret and a fact that most people love to read erotic novels online and no doubt Literotica is one of the leading erotica websites to get some sexy reads. We all love fantasies as they offer the best sexual experiences one could possibly imagine.

However certain situations come when our imagination goes blank and require some erotic literature to spark the light. This not only helps you with your sexual desire but also provides some crazy ideas to implement in your bedroom. In fact with these online erotica websites, you can rev up your mind and change your mood completely.

Literotica is a free source for the sexiest erotic fantasy texts and it features stories that are absolutely original and they come from a wide variety of authors. However, if you are looking for more alternatives to Literotica.com then you are in luck.

Here are 10 best and free alternatives to Literotica which offer you a massive selection of fantasies, and it’s up to you to choose from them. These steamy sites like Literotica are free and provide the best way to stimulate the sexiest organ in your body: your mind. Note that for most of these websites you have to be 18 and up.

Literotica Best Alternatives

free erotica sites like literotica

1. Nifty.org

If you looking for more content to read other than Literotica.com then this is one of the best alternatives to try. This website is for the LGBT community specifically, however, it also offers all the normal fetish categories that you traditionally see on an erotica website (celebrity, historical, exhibitionist, et al), but focusing entirely on LGBT.

2. BDSM Cafe

The BDSM Cafe is one of my personal favorites and offers everything from novels to short stories and provides worthy research for those interested in breaking into the lifestyle. So if you are looking for something kinky then you should simply check out this website once.

3. adult-fanfiction.org

Get ready to get down into a fancy world with some of the best erotic stories. This is absolutely the place to go for all of your sexy fandom needs. Just take a look at it and I am sure you will definitely love its content.

4. LushStories

You must have heard about this popular website before. LushStories is one of the best alternatives to Literotica. It owns a wide range of stories from a wide range of people. From poetry to college sex they got it all covered. Apart from a wide range of sections to read from this site also offers the chat room where you can talk to like-minded individuals too.

5. Alt Sex Stories Text Repository(ASSTR)

The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository offers a wider range of category along with a huge selection to look over. Like Literotica.com, this website offers some of the best erotica reads which is a great place for just about everyone. Whether it is blackmail, humiliation, bondage or something else entirely, this site has all of your needs covered.

6. Chyoa

Chyoa is yet another free place to get contents like Literotica.com and offers nearly 7.2k various interactive sex stories for you to read and participate in. Stories on Chyoa are completely unique and well written and the best part of the website is that it has a lot of different contributing authors to produce fresh content regularly.

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If you have any sites like Literotica other than this list then don’t forget to share through comment. Let us know which website you like most among the above 6.

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