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7 Best Push-up Bars To Buy In 2024

Push-up bars are designed to elevate the hands during push-up exercises. They typically consist of two small bars that are placed on the floor, allowing the user to grip them and perform push-ups with a greater range of motion.

Push-up bars can be made from various materials such as plastic, metal, or wood, and can be used at home, in a gym, or even outdoors. Another benefit of using push-up bars is an enhanced range of motion during the push-up.

The push-up bar enables an extended range of movement during the exercise so that you will be able to lower your body much further in comparison to regular push-ups. This makes the exercise more challenging, and thus more effective in providing you with better results.

Best Push-up Bars

1. Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup + Ab Carver Pro

4.3Our Score

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup + Ab Carver Pro is one of the best push-up bars you can lay your hands on to get the perfect abs you’ve thought of. For the most accurate body carving, the bars are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

The push-up stands rotate to provide complete flexibility, allowing you to use more muscles and build strength. During training, your body can distribute weight appropriately thanks to the durable product’s ergonomic grips, providing a secure grasp.

Reviewer says: “These things are so much fun to use and workout with. If you have weak wrists this is a must have!!” says one buyer.

2. SmarterLife Push-Up Bar Set

4.0Our Score

Perfect push-up for sculpting your arms, chest, core, and back more effectively and efficiently. They enhance traditional pushups by preventing strain on the wrist and hand so you can support your weight without pain.

Unlike a fixed push-up stand that puts the wrists in painful angles, these push-up handles are designed to rotate and adjust to your position for a broader range of motion.

Four non-skid pads on the bottom of each push-up bar provide reliable traction on a variety of surfaces such as carpet, rubber mat, granite, marble, and hardwood floors to protect you from slipping.

The SmarterLife Push Up Bars handle follows the contour of your hand for optimal comfort when you move your hands so you can distribute your weight evenly.

Reviewer says: “I am trying to do push-ups; however, my wrists hurt when trying. These give me a neutral wrist making my wrists feel better.” says one buyer.

3. Perfect Fitness Rotating Push-Up Handles

4.3Our Score

The Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Rotating Push-Up Handles reduce strain on joints and engage more muscles for a truly perfect pushup. The original, patented design features a ball-bearing system that provides smooth, full rotation for the natural alignment of the arms and wrists.

Comfortable rubber grips and a non-slip base ensure stability during the high rep, multiple set upper body workouts. Invented by a US Navy SEAL to optimize the basic push-up, the Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup reduces pressure on the hands and wrists, and effectively activates muscles through its ergonomic design, increasing strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core.

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Reviewer says: “Perfect for maximizing the effectiveness of your push-ups, and makes it a lot easier to get the proper range of motion.” says one buyer.

4. PULLUP & DIP Wooden Push-Up Bars

4.5Our Score

No more wrist pain due to unnatural buckling of the wrists! The custom-made ergonomic wooden handle made of beech wood is perfectly matched to your hand, gives you a neutral grip, protects your wrists and offers compared to thin steel or plastic tubes a perfect grip even with sweaty hands.

The heavy-duty steel feet offer you extreme stability and a secure footing without wobbling. With the push-up handles, you train specifically your upper body and effectively build up your chest, shoulder and triceps muscles.

The press-up bars are free to move independently and allow you a versatile bodyweight workout. They are ideal for all sorts of push-up variations such as close, wide, and one-armed push-ups as well as for the handstand. Perfect for your Calisthenics training.

Reviewer says: “They do exactly what they are supposed to and are very comfortable to use. The texture and size of the grip bars are great.” says one buyer.

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5. Redipo Push-Up Bars Strength Training

4.5Our Score

They are ideal for upper body muscle training, especially the chest muscles, triceps, abdominal muscles, and back muscles. These can be easily used at home and in gyms.

By training with the push-up bars, your range of motion will be increased, and you will be able to target muscles more effectively. Strength Training Pushup Stands are made of high-quality polypropylene, which is sturdy and strong enough to support any weight.

Ergonomically designed for better load bearing and corrosion protection, for superior safety, rubber feet will keep the pushup bar stable on all kinds of floor types without slipping. The unique design of push-up bars can protect your wrist from hurt or injury during the exercise.

Reviewer says: “These are sturdy but lightweight and may be turned either horizontally or vertically for wrist comfort.” says one buyer.

6. 5BILLION Strength Training Push-Up Handle

4.5Our Score

5Billion Push Up Bars are made of high-quality PVC, which is sturdy and strong enough to support any weight. The pushup handles are covered by foam, which is soft and sweat-absorbent. Parallettes bars will provide you with a comfortable and safe grip.

The I-shaped design of push-up bars can protect your wrist from hurt or injury during the workout. The bars increase the range of motion during push-ups. The push-up handles for the floor will make push-ups easier and safe.

The dip bars are lightweight and can be easily assembled and disassembled. This makes it convenient to take them to gyms or outdoors, and easy to store. A free workout guide will be shipped together with the push-up bars.

Reviewer says: “Good product, foam portion is already getting indented after a few weeks but hopefully I won’t need it when my hand gets stronger.” says one buyer.

7. Juperbsky Push-Up Stands Bars

4.5Our Score

Juperbsky Push-Up Stands Bars come in 5 intriguing colors. Further, abrasion-resistant TPR handle covers provide a steady, soft, and comfortable grip, and the widening of the handle better matches your hand’s curves.

This push-up stand bar is ideal for enhancing the overall development of the upper body, especially for your chest, shoulder, and back muscles. Further, it can be used for gymnastic training, like pushups, dips, v-sits, and handstand pushups.

Reviewer says: “These were perfect for me. Very sturdy and well-made. I have used them daily for several months now without any complaints.” says one buyer.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase then this blog may receive a commission. Although we receive a commission for using and linking affiliate products, they are extremely good and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased.

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