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Top 3 Practical And Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Here are some of the most popular gift ideas that both the recipients and Mother Earth will love.

Nowadays, people are beginning to be more conscious about the impact that they will leave on the planet. They would do everything that they can to reduce their carbon footprint and lessen their contribution to the ever-growing landfills. Because of this, they would instead buy eco-friendly and sustainable products for their daily use.

You can join this earth-friendly trend by making sure that all your purchases will never hurt the environment. You may also consider all-sustainable gift-giving ideas when looking for something to give your loved ones during special occasions.

It could be anything from a reusable eco bag to enrolling in a “plant a tree gift” campaign. Here are some of the most popular gift ideas that both the recipients and Mother Earth will love.

Practical And Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

1. Reusable Bags For Shopping

To lessen the use of plastic, most groceries and supermarkets wrap their customers’ purchases in paper bags. But this practice is often inconvenient since paper bags tend to break easily, especially when carrying heavy contents.

Because of this, more shoppers opt to bring their reusable shopping bags. Consequently, you may want to consider giving your family and friends their eco-friendly shopping bags that they can use each time they head to the shops.

You could provide them with something that could suit their style and preferences. The recipient would love your gift since they will never run out of shopping bags during their next supermarket visit.

2. Sustainable Cleaning Products

Commercial chemical-based cleaning products are not only harmful to the users, but they are bad for the environment as well. Most of these cleaning supplies contain toxic chemicals that the Environment Protection Agency labeled as “volatile organic compounds,” including ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

When large quantities of these chemicals find their way to reach water sources, it can contaminate the water. Too many of these chemicals in water can cause rapid growth of several kinds of plant life, which could be harmful to aquatic animals due to dense vegetation.

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The chemicals can also contaminate the air and bring illnesses due to pollution. Make sure that the safety of your loved ones and the environment is set by giving them plant-based cleaning products that contain zero harmful chemicals.

3. Plant A Tree In Their Honour

Nothing could be more eco-friendly than gifting your loved ones a tree planted under his or her name. This special gesture works by asking an environment to plant a tree in your recipients’ honor.

It is one of the most unique yet memorable gifts that you can give those who are very close to your heart. For every plant a tree gift, your recipient will receive a document that serves as their certificate for being a part of the program.

After an organization plants the tree, you and your recipient can visit it to see its progress. This gift idea also lessens the need to wrap the gift and pay for the shipping fee. 

The Bottom Line

Other time-tested gift ideas that are both sustainable and special include a reusable water bottle, solar-powered mobile chargers, and earth-friendly toiletries. Practice wrapping these gifts with a reusable product like old newspapers or magazine pages to reduce your carbon footprint. These inexpensive yet highly practical gifts will help you reduce your carbon footprint and make sure that the people who will receive these items can use it at all times.

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