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Are Car Rentals Better Than Regular Cabs?

Having the ability to drive yourself or your family to places allows a person the freedom to go anywhere, at any time. Especially looking at the state of the world today, having a car you own is one of the smartest moves to make. 

Cars are considered a luxury item, and not everyone can easily afford to travel on their own. Buying a car in today’s world is a massive, long term investment and not everyone would choose the freedom of mobility over expenses. 

Public transport is something most people would not consider as a means to travel from place to place. Not only would they have to deal with the hassle of communicating with the driver, but also worry about the price, hygiene levels, and their family’s safety. 

When you’re moving through Chennai, a city of beaches and great food, you would want to stop by and take in the view without anything coming in the way. This city alone houses the largest library in South Asia, the second longest beach in the world. It is also the birthplace of South Indian cinema and Theater. 

Car rentals in Chennai often prove to be the best option for newcomers and locals who want to see these sights without a struggle. Chennai is prevailing in taxi and cab culture but still needs time to adjust to the idea of car rentals or self-drive cars. 

However, there are many joys and comforts in making use of a car rental in Chennai. Once you try them out for yourself, there is a very small chance you would want to go back to regular cabs or other public transport.

Reasons Why Car Rentals Are Superior

There are many reasons why self-drive cars and car rentals are much better than cabs. Here are just a few:


Weekends or late evenings are sometimes the only time one gets to spend with family or friends. When you have unknown drivers picking you up, you always collectively quieten down while in the cab. 

You and your company would not enjoy having unfiltered, unabashed conversations as the driver may not take kindly to it.  Some drivers may even get agitated by your conversations and behave rudely. 

When you rent a cab for a longer distance, it may get even worse and uncomfortable to the point where you cannot deal with it. If you’re a couple, then the cab driver might give you dirty or disturbed looks. All of these issues can so easily be avoided with your car, where you can cruise along the roads and have a quality conversation with your loved ones without having to worry about anyone else listening or being bothered by it. 


In India, most people, especially women, have experienced the feeling of discomfort or unease while sitting in a cab. This is because some independent cab or rickshaw drivers can be highly brash, sleazy, aggressive, and demand for things from the passenger. 

The drivers are underpaid, exhausted, and not always working from his senses. This is not only mentally troubling for you, but could also mean you would fear for your life while traveling. 

When you’re behind the wheel, you would never worry about random turns being taken, speeding, weird comments being made, fights, and so on. Your safety is entirely in your hands.

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Driving your own car can give you a feeling of independence like nothing before. If you’re someone who is used to public transport, you might know the pains of explaining and re-explaining your destination, having to quieten down and to listen to the driver speak on the phone while driving. 

If you ever have to make a quick stop before your destination, your driver might just lose his mind. With your car, you can do as you wish without having to worry about explaining yourself or getting into unnecessary conversations.


Rental cars are very cheap in comparison to taxi services, especially when you’re traveling a long distance. When it comes to Indian drivers, they fix insanely high prices and bargain for extra almost always. 

All car rentals are calculated by the distance you travel and the type of car you rent. They offer a variety of cars with different price ranges, you can always find something that suits your budget easily.

Of course, car rentals in Chennai have some disadvantages as well, but if you choose the right company, these minor inconveniences can be overlooked.

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