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Fun Activities To Do In Dubai

Off-to a holiday

Looking for a fun-filled, relaxing and luxurious vacation to unwind? Look no further. The ever-welcoming tourist hub of Dubai is a clear choice. Dubai is the most affluent of the 7 monarchies constituting the United Arab Emirates. It is a land of possibilities with its diversity of activities and engagements for any visitor. It is one place in the world today that can satisfy every kind of tourist. Go for it. 

With the presence of world-famous brand outlets to regular local shopping, Dubai can make a shopaholic feel confused with the plethora of choices! For people looking forward to a relaxing getaway, Dubai has beaches, deserts, islands and creeks due to its varied geographical outlay.

For tourists wanting to be actively engaged with adventurous and thrilling activities during their vacation, there are scuba diving in Dubai, desert safaris, quad biking, amusement park rides, hot air balloon rides and not to miss out on the Dhow cruise in Dubai with food and merry accompaniment. Build enriching lifetime memories with the intriguing and ultimate place to visit for any tourist.

Read on below to know about the very popular and inviting fun activities in Dubai. 

Most- desired fun and frolic activities to do in Dubai

Desert safaris

The Arabian desert calls for a must-visit by every tourist landing in Dubai. The natural terrain gets an awesome look from the evening sunlight. It highlights its beauty in the undulating dunes. Be ready to explore it.

Book your tour package with pick-up and drop services and ride a sturdy vehicle to experience dune bashing.  There is more to the evening with a buffet dinner of kababs, sharbat and salads and much more together with entertainment, music, and dance. 

Dhow cruise

Luxury cruises for individuals, couples, and families with food, fun, and a magical ambiance like never before and is a must-do thing in Dubai. Getting a fantastic view of the Dubai Marina Mall or the creek with its shimmering waters can be a great enlivening experience from a luxury cruise with your loved ones.

Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai provides a refreshing feeling when you have the choicest buffet platter, live entertainment with singers, and a mesmerizing view of the Dubai skyline on a floating restaurant all in one place. Pick-up and drop services are offered upon prior booking. Do not even think of missing it!

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Scuba diving

Attention all aqua lovers, your fun activity is never complete without scuba diving in Dubai. Explore the underwater and its colourful world.  Dive into the 12-meter depth underwater with the help of a guide to explore this amazing world of marine creatures in a 2-hour tour. Feel the water, come in close nearness to these wonderful underwater creatures and make your trip memorable. 

Hot air balloon ride 

A view from above of the Dubai skyscrapers and modern architecture is surely a sought-after fun activity for any visitor. Pick-up and drop-off services are offered by tour operators to launch sites.

Soar high and have fun at a high altitude with hot air balloon rides with the family. You might be lucky to spot a falcon flying above or an Arabian gazelle and other wildlife on the land! View the sky in all shades of sunlight from dawn to dusk. This is like an open-eyed dream sequence.

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Wish to experience skiing without going to a biting cold-weather place, then do visit Ski Dubai for sure. Glide your way through a cold snowy landscape in the middle of a desert land! It’s a man-made powdered arena within a vast expanse of 4,500 square meters indoor enclosure where you can ski around, zipline and just play around! You could even get much closer to the adorable penguins right here.

There are further thrills of snow bullet ride and mountain thriller ride that await you. So, get freezing, and wear your winter clothing all year round at Ski Dubai and enjoy with family.

Waterpark adventure 

Dubai is mind-boggling when it comes to the term ‘adventure’. The Aquaventure waterpark is yet another thrill cum fun activity for people on a holiday here. Experience water rides and slides of more than 100 varieties that make it the largest waterpark. You could even get closer to the fur seals and dolphins and double your aqua thrill. 


For fun lovers, this thrilling activity lets you glide over the dune elevations here in Dubai. Strap your feet to the board, maintain a straight posture, outstretch your arms and just go up and down the dunes to have pure fun and experience the excitement. 

Dining in the air 

This is going to be the best munch of your life here in Sky Dubai with an unmatched experience. Hang on 50 meters above the ground, and get served with the three-course lunch/ dinner experience with family. The awesome ariel view of the Dubai Marina and the overall skyline is an added attraction. 

Walk a mile 

Where else could you get the joy of roaming on a manicured lawn with colourful flower decorations all around, if not the Miracle Garden in Dubai? Lush green well-groomed lawns, flower beds, and the flagship carrier fully made of flowers welcome you.

Cartoon characters are carved out with huge flowers and leafy decorations all over. Kids will love this place. Take out a day for this lazy stroll but fun place to be with your family. 

Dazzling lights

Witness the fun of dancing lights creating mesmerizing patterns at the Dubai Fountain show. With about a dance of 22,000 gallons of water and 25 colour flashing lights, with classical music, the show can be simply called spectacular. It is worthy of a visit during your stay in Dubai for a fun family get-together time.

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The list of fun-loving activities is never-ending when it comes to Dubai. Make the best out of your holiday by planning it well in advance. Make your tour picture-perfect. 

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