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Top 5 Places to Visit in Italy To Experience Its Beauty

Barbara Conelli has correctly said, “If life gives you twists and turns, chique yourself up in Italy”. Italy has definitely no shortage of attractions to make you fall in love with the country, from great food to fantastic wine, stupendous countryside, and long history it has everything.

Without any argument, Italy is Europe’s most enticing country that has the richest and craziest culture. Thousands of visitors wish to visit the place for its tempting food, unique art, unbelievable architecture, and diverse scenery. Well, the country has so much to proffer you that we will come short of words if start writing about the same.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Italy

1. Venice


Let’s get straight to the point. There’s nothing better than visiting this most romantic and poetic place, which is also known for its art, history, gondolas, beautiful bridges, outstanding palaces, and whatnot.

The most special thing about this place is that it is being built on a lagoon. The best part you’re going to witness here is the Grand Canal and the name justifies it very well because of the palaces that line the waterways. Oh! Did I mention the Piazza San Marco? You cannot miss visiting the place because it’s the best place where you’ll find stunning architecture all around.

All in all, Venice is all about having long walks and just soaking yourself in the beauty and charm of the place. You can have a 2-4 day tour to this place and try out a few top things in Venice that include exploring Piazza San Marco, riding a gondola, eating well like a local, seeing the Venetian glass blowing, and of course, taking a walk along the Grand Canal. So, if you’re a real admirer of art and architecture in a true sense and also love seafood, Venice is the place for you.

2. Milan


Whenever it comes to top-class fashion, elegant lifestyle, binge shopping, and the best restaurants, there’s no other place that can beat Milan. A place that was once ruled by Caesars and Napolean is now a financial hub.

Also, to all the fashionistas out there, don’t forget to dress well whenever you go out for a walk on the streets. This splendid city is one place that is just perfect for all city lovers and for those who crave good food, art, and culture.

When in Milan make sure you visit the Milan Cathedral, do window shopping at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, look at the marvelous architecture of the Monumental Cemetery, visit Castello Sforzesco, and also the Last Supper.

3. Rome

Rome - places to visit in italy

Well, your perfect vacation to Italy won’t be considered complete if you don’t move to its capital, Rome. The place is the ideal example of history that is beautifully showcased in the form of ruins, art, and architecture.

The place is absolutely perfect for those who wish to relive the days of the Roman Empire, want to know how to dine out like the locals, want to witness the world’s finest art, and most importantly want to explore places like Vatican City.

If you really wish to visit Rome try to spend at least 3-4 days and try out things like visiting the Trevi Fountain and make a wish, pay a visit to the Roman Forum and Colosseum, and have the best food and drinks out there.

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4. Sicily

Sicily - places to visit in italy

This is the place where you should spend around 10-14 days (if possible) because of its exceptional landscapes and breathtaking seas neighboring the Mediterranean’s largest island. Also, the place is the ideal option for those who love hiking. Make your way to Mount Etna, which is Europe’s highest active volcano.

The island will not let you down and provides you with the best scenic views, coastal sights, and mind-blowing flowery meadows. Sicily’s royal, Greek, and historical sites, and of course, the tempting Mediterranean cuisine makes it the best place for all active travelers.

Since the place is quite large and cannot be seen on a day trip, give enough time to Sicily and try out a few fantastic things like pay a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Valley of the Temples, feed your hungry stomach with the local food, and head towards some gorgeous beaches like Mondello Lido.

5. Lake Como

Lake Como - places to visit in italy

We don’t know about the past but now every Indian must be very well aware of this place. And the reason being, recently some of the big fat Indian weddings have taken place at Lake Como and the Instagram feeds were full of same.

Thus, it becomes a dream place of every lover out there, and why not, Lake Como is home to some outstanding resorts and landscapes. The lake is the largest in the country and is shaped like the letter Y. The high mountains in the background create the prettiest background and the neighboring cities are full of Renaissance architecture.

So, if you really wish to be a guest of Lake Como, take a ride from Milan, which is just 2.5 hours away. Also, when at Lake Como, see some of the luxury villas, participate in a food tour or take cooking classes, and pay a visit to the Duomo of Como.

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