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What Do Dreams About Cheating Mean? Cheating Dreams Decoded

Dreaming about cheating always doesn't always mean something. Sometimes it could be nothing, or it could be your brain trying to clue you into something.

The most couples don’t ever think of separating from their honey, however, sometimes we all go through some weird dreams about cheating which just make us think bad things repeatedly. While some try rolling through the dream after dream to find out the answers others seek for expert advice to get a permanent fix.

So if you wake up confused wondering what exactly these cheating dreams could possibly mean then you are not alone.

Dreams About Cheating


Its a fact that dreams about being cheated or cheating is one of the five most common dreams all over the world. There are certain reasons behind these cheating dreams which are,

  • Insecurity
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Recent Fight With Your Partner

Girls like you and me spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out what these dreams about cheating mean. Well, lets put an end to your quest. Here are some of the most common dream topics along with their explanation.

Dreams About Cheating

1.Dreams of Sleeping With an Ex

If you just encountered this dream then your subconscious mind attempting to repair something that went wrong in the past. So no need to worry as this doesn’t mean you want to get back with your ex.

However, if you are in a relationship right now then this may indicate that there are some issues in your relationship. So if you are encountering any problem in your romantic or sexual life then its time to fix it to get rid of these bad dreams.

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2. You Cheating Your Partner With Your Friend

If you have dreams about cheating your partner with one of your friend then there is something going pretty bad in your current relationship. It may indicate that you are getting too much closer to your friend or you have a recent fight with your current partner relating to your friend.

In this case, try to be open with our current partner and share all things and build trust. Spend some intimate moments together and within no time you will get rid of those nightmares. Remember that no matter what the situation is always put your partner first among all.

3. You Cheating Your Partner With One Of His Friend 

This is the weirdest dream one would possibly have unless you are serious. Have you recently gone some extra miles towards the person? or flattered with his words? Well, if these are the case then I will advise don’t too close with someone to that place which is only reserved for your partner.

4. Cheating on Your Partner With a Stranger

If you have this dream then there can only two interpretations. Either you are planning to make out with our partner like a stranger or the distance between you two have built longer and your subconscious mind fulfilling your desire to be with your honey.

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5. Cheating Dreams Before Your Wedding

Getting cheating dreams before your wedding is considered pretty normal. You are going to commit to a life partner for the rest of your life which is not something you may afraid of.

This also may indicate that you have a series of failed past relationships. Unless you have some ongoing issues with your partner these dreams are normal and will vanish with time.

6. Dreams About Cheating While Pregnant

This dream means you are worried or insecure about something. It may be a reflection of the fear of gaining weight, developing acne, losing your hair, and feeling overall sluggish and unglamorous during pregnancy.

Apart from that the fear of less and infrequent sex with your partner to lose someone because you are not sexually available may be one of the other reason for this.

The Bottom Line:

Dreaming about cheating always doesn’t always mean something. Sometimes it’s just a dream to forget and move on. However, if you still believe the dreams and feeling bad then you should go closer with your partner. This will not only strengthen your bond with him but also help you get rid of your guilt.

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