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Why Do Relationships Fail? Ultimate Tips To Overcome It

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. It is love that matters most for a healthy relationship.

Failed relationships have become quite common these days. Couples do fight but breaking up is something unusual. So why do a lot of relationships fail? What are the top reasons relationships fail?

Here I have listed out some of the most common reasons why relationships fail along with ultimate tips to overcome it and I am sure at the end of this article you will have complete knowledge of a healthy relationship.

Why Relationships Fail So Easily?


Its a fact that falling in love is easy, however, holding it for lifelong by maintaining a healthy relationship is a difficult task to achieve. From the beginning, it looks so good and beautiful but after a couple of months, it gradually starts to fall into pieces.

What’s more bad is that with each passing day it feels more shattered without any reason. At last, you may let it go by wondering why things didn’t work out.

The first thing you need to understand is that the relationships are not static as people involved in it change over time. You may think you aren’t changed but that’s not true and everyone changes with time, it’s just we always stay focus on others and forget about self.

So first admit that the person whom you loved or married is not going to be the same person over a certain period of time. Their thoughts, behavior, appearance everything changes with time. These changes create numerous new problems that can eventually kill the relationship.

So it’s up to you, if you want your relationship to last and stands as an inspiration then you need to learn the ways to handle those changes effectively. Well, you should know this first that it needs a lot of sacrifices, compromises, and commitments to keep a relationship alive. You have to do more than just giving your time and love.

Top Reasons For Relationships Failure

1. Anger

No doubt anger is a healthy emotion but excessive anger isn’t a natural or healthy emotion. Excessive anger is one of the top reasons relationships fail nowadays in particular.

top reasons relationships fail

It is extremely hard to control and lasts too long which can impact your relationship in a lot of ways. Generally, anger comes when something does not go as planned, when you’ve been mistreated or wrongly accused, or when there is a misunderstanding.

Sometimes anxiety and stress may be the reason behind excessive anger. It not only destroys your relationship but also harms your health. So it’s important that you should learn to manage anger before it holds you.

Tips To Handle Anger

At first, calm down and think the reason behind your anger. If possible find a way to fix the issue without hurting your partner.

If this because of stress due to work pressure or financial issues then give yourself a break and spend some time out of the stressed atmosphere. For this, you can go on a vacation or spend some time with your parents. This will make you feel better and stress-free.

Remember, a stress-free mind can help you handle situations more effectively. So next time you are in this type of situation try to think before you talk. It’s very easy to show your anger and hurt people we most love, however, you may regret your outcomes. Here are some situations you should avoid while you are in anger,

  • Don’t start discussions when you are tired.
  • Think before you talk.
  • Do meditation and exercise to control excessive anger.

2. Lack of Time

Time is the key to building a healthy relationship. Not spending quality time with your partner is one of the main reasons why relationships fail these days.

Lack of Time

Life in this world of technology and the internet has become so busy and with responsibilities like work, meetings people hardly find time for themselves let alone spending time with their partner. Which in result leads to unhappy relationships creating rooms for the breakup.

Nobody can disagree that working is necessary however, it doesn’t mean that you put your work before your relationship. In order to maintain a healthy relation always create time for the people you love or else you may have to lose them forever.

Tips To Manage Your Time

If you want to have a pleasant and loveful relationship, then try to spend some quality time with your partner regularly. If you have tough times and want to save your relationship then here are a few things you must do:

  • Find a suitable time that suits you both and spend your time with your beloved ones.
  • Try to create a time slot for each other every day. For example 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.
  • Try to go on a date at least once a month to spend some private time together and keep your passion alive.
  • If you are married, then try to spend time during breakfast and dinner. You can also go on a ride or walk for a few minutes. This will help the relationship prosper.
  • Traveling is the best way to relax, so plan a trip together to unwind your daily life stress.

3. Lack of Communication

Good communication can make your love life to prosper. In the other hand, poor communication may lead to conflicts which in result turn out to breakups which makes it one of the top reasons relationships fail.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In A Relationship

Couples must express their feelings effectively through proper communication with worrying whether they are positive or negative. Remember, the success of any relationship relies on proper communicate.

Tips To Fix Communication Issues

Each individual has different communication patterns. People deal with problems differently. So don’t judge someone from your point of view and be kind in your words.

The way you handle is mean everything, it’s a combination of what we say and how we say it. So find a way to convey your feelings in an effective way and avoid any sort of misunderstandings.

Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Listen to your partner. For this speak less and listen more as this will prevent the issue and help you understand your partner.
  • Never bring up irrelevant past issues, focus on the ongoing issue and try to solve it.
  • Get in touch every day and discuss your daily important activities.

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4. Lack of Trust

Trust is the base of every relationship. Lack of trust can damage your relationship in many ways. Whether its unreasonable rigidity, physical affair or emotional infidelity – these issues grow deeper with time resulting in a breakup.

Tips To Fix Trust Issues

Here are a few things that you must do to fix trust issues,

  • Always be honest and clear any doubt that comes to your partner’s mind to avoid room for unnecessary suspicions.
  • Be open, if you are facing this issue from your partner then speak out openly and spend some private moments to make things clear.

5. Ego Issues

top reasons relationships fail

As per the research, Egoism is the top reasons for relationships failure and for which 90 percent of relationships fail these days. Let’s admit, we all have the ego but if not controlled it can create disaster to your relationship. Ego makes you feel your own contributions and sacrifices, you completely ignore your partner’s effort and as a result relationship breaks.

Tips To Overcome Ego Problem

Its a fact that no one is perfect in this world and every person has their own pros and cons. So always try to be sensitive and polite to your partner. If your conversation carries words like “me” then shift it to “we” and always consider your partner’s views and respect their opinions.

Here are a few things that you should do to fix this issue,

  • During arguments, try to compromise with your partner, no matter whose fault it was.
  • Put aside your ego and talk with your partner, this will increase your bonding.

6. Compatibility

This is the most common discussion topic among top reasons for relationships failure among many couples. However, I must say don’t link all and everything to compatibility. From my point of view, this is a superficial difference that destroys many relationships.

If you are feeling that you have compatibility issues then you are in the hold of one of the above relationship issues, most of the cases its lack of communication.

Incompatibility can cause more frustration than it’s worth and can eventually tear down the relationship apart completely.

In order to fix this issue, you have to find out the exact reason and fix it.

Remember, most people argue that they don’t have common interests or choice, then here is the fact – nobody has the same interests. With time people find a way to match the same interests, feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

The Bottom Line

No relationships are perfect and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. At the end of the day, it is love which matters. If your relationship got love then no matter how hard and unstable it is, you both will find a way to stay together.

Don’t forget to share what fixed your relationship among “top reasons for relationships failure”, this will help others in fixing their relationship too.

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