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Dreaming Of Ex Boyfriends? Tips To Fix Common Nightmares

Do you recently go through a breakup? You and your ex have been broken up for a while? If you want to move on with your life, however, these dreaming of ex boyfriends holding you back then there is something which you can do to fix those nightmares.

It’s maybe a horrible thing for most to think that they are not over their ex and that’s why they are dreaming of ex boyfriends. You will be surprised to know that dreaming about your ex is an extremely unnerving experience but at the same time, it is very common.

It may look like as a piece of a puzzle but it’s not, its just a nightmare. Some may dreaming of ex boyfriends more than their current partner, but don’t worry its common.

You may feel you are emotionally unfaithful to your current partner but that doesn’t mean you are still interested in your ex. So now you are thinking why do the people from your past comes often while you are unconscious?

Common Dreaming Of Ex Boyfriends:

Here are some most common explanations about dreaming of ex boyfriends and some tips to overcome them.

Get Enough Sleep

1. Dreaming About Fighting With Your Ex

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You may be confused over this why on earth you are dreaming those past memories, but it may mean that something is not going smooth in your current life.

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These dreams often come when you go through similar feelings in your current life which links to the past. In this case, try to fix those problems and try to shutout to break the link.

2. Dreaming About Missing Him

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Are you dreaming of ex boyfriends holding your hand or making some promise to get back together? Well, this doesn’t mean you have feelings for them now, this means you miss being in relationship and feeling wanted.

3. Dreaming About Getting Back With Your Ex

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Don’t think over, this dream doesn’t mean that you have some wish to get back with one of your ex. However, this dream may be an indication that your current relationship is going under some sort of major changes. Figure out those changes and try to shut it out.

4. Dreaming About Your Ex’s Family

Dreaming of your ex boyfriends parents? Then you have some unresolved issues with your former love which turns into a dream. Whatever may be the reason you need to find it out and fix it to get rid of those nightmares.

5. Dreaming About Beautiful Times Together

Loyal - dreaming of ex boyfriends

If you are dreaming about those dinner dates or vacations together then you may be offset with your ongoing relationship. Everyone loves to spend some quality moments with their loved ones but

6. Dreaming Your Ex Is Missing You

If you are dreaming your ex missing you then it may trigger some serious issues. There may be two reasons behind this. One is you miss being with him and other is you decided to move on no matter what.

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7. Dreaming About Your Ex’s Health

These type of dream may indicate that you aren’t completely over with your past relationship. While there are some other reasons behind dreaming of ex boyfriends health, the main reason behind this is that you still miss him and some part of you still needs to be with him.

8. Dreaming About Your Ex’s Death

Dreaming of the death of anyone you know can be terrifying and quite disturbing. So dreaming about the death of your ex once close to can be even worse.

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You may have come up with some unforgettable words during heat up moments and those can bring guilt on your mind. This the reason you are seeing these bad dreams. But don’t worry, it’s common and will heal with time.

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