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How To Make A Girl Squirt: Secret Squirting Tips

It may happen on the first attempt or may take some time so the key is to be at ease with your body.

Squirting is something that you might have heard about from friends, found in pornography, or wished to try with your spouse. But what is squirting actually? I did some digging to discover the truth, so you don’t have to go through any of the misleading information over the internet.

First off, it’s important to distinguish this notion of squirting from female ejaculation. They’re not similar.

What is Squirting?

Generally squirted fluid originates from the bladder and is mainly composed of urine. However that does not mean it ought to be a source of pity, or that it’s an indication of a greater orgasm. It’s not clear why squirting specifically occurs to some people. If facts to be considered then one specific theory is that their pelvic floor contractions are distinct.

What is Female Ejaculation?

Unlike squirting female ejaculate is a small number of thick whitish fluid secreted around the time of orgasm. It comes in the glands inside the “penile tissues” nearby the “cervix” which are comparable to the male prostate, and it even contains prostate-specific antigen.

Does Female Ejaculation is the Same as Orgasm?

No, apparently not. Some women state having an orgasm when ejaculating, but a lot of others tell that squirting is a separate, completely independent occasion. It is not at all the same sensation, which in and of itself might be interesting to the squirter as well as the potential spouse(if one is present).

How does Squirting Feel?

It feels just like some liquid coming from you once you’re aroused during stimulation. The kind of stimulation and the quantity totally vary from person to person. If you are deciding to try squirting more or less, this is where experimentation is useful.

Try different feelings and situations to get a sense of what might work for you! Whether you get there or not, the experience should be entertaining, interesting, and self-satisfying.

Secret Squirting Tips To Make A Girl Squirt

Making your woman’s vagina squirt can boost your relationship to another level. So even say it makes the bond stronger between you two. However, if you planning to squirt yourself and searching for how to squirt yourself then here are some tips you should follow,

  • Take your time and clear your mind before doing it
  • Find, take control and stimulate your G-spot
  • Be patient and Go slow
  • Don’t set any expectations

Complete Squirting Guide With Advice

Here is the step-by-step guide along with some useful advice to make it perfectly done.

  1. Set your mood and create the scene
  2. Be comfortable and clear your mind
  3. Select a time slot when you won’t be disturbed
  4. Keep towels to ease the process
  5. Go for the G-spot(the only surface which is not smooth) which is 0.5 to 2 inches from the entrance, on the vaginal wall towards the stomach.
  6. Go slow and use a lot of lubricants
  7. Move with your body sensations
  8. When you are with your partner go with cowgirl or doggy style positions for best results

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The Bottom Line

The best way to improve education around all kinds of orgasm is to talk about it or share it with their partner. There is no shame in squirting, so, focus on sex as a pleasurable thing for the people involved(you or you and your partner).

Remember, some people face problems getting it done correctly so don’t just give up as it may happen on your first attempt or it may take a couple of attempts.

As for the exact chemical makeup of liquid released, this can vary between women. So, squirt or no squirt, ejaculate or no ejaculate, as long as you’re enjoying yourself it’s fine.

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