How To Keep A Long Term Relationship? 8 Proven Tips

Tips For Long Term Relationship: Change is the bitter truth of life, over time our feelings do change. This not only affects our personal life but also impacts our relationship. Unlike the old days, broken relationships are common these days. But that doesn’t mean the feeling disappears completely.

The fact about the emotions and excitements of a relationship is only for the first couple of months or even a year or few is completely false. It completely depends upon the choice of both the persons in a relationship.

In the case of long term relationships it’s completely on us to maintain the thrill of being in love, and increase our feelings of passion and intimacy. For this, it’s important to change certain activities, behaviors, and habits that most couples fail to change these days and as a result, they don’t want to stay together.

Falling in love is easy but maintaining it lifelong requires a lot of frequent efforts. It means one has to forget negative past moments and learn to stay together with love. Remember, fighting for a relationship means being stubborn about not getting in our own way of staying close to someone else.

In order to help couples stand the test of time, I have compiled the most effective tips to maintain a healthy relationship.

Tips For A Healthy Long Term Relationship

1. Proper Communication


Most long term relationships fails to maintain one simpler thing, talk out of the most things. Remember, proper communication is the most crucial thing for any relationship to last longer.

Stop pretending and don’t expect from your partner without telling what you want. Never think that the other person will read your mind or assume what you want as this can lead to difficult situations depending upon the person’s mood.

To overcome any problem or any misunderstanding just talk with each other over the topic and try to solve it at the earliest. Don’t try to overpower or dominate each other as this can turn into arguments.

Remember, if you try to hurt your partner’s feeling then you will end up hurting your feelings too because at the end of the day you both love each other.

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2. Choose Love Above All


Remember one thing, love is a feeling and it should be maintained frequently in every circumstance. Express your love every day for your partner and don’t be shy about affections in public places. Remember, there is always one person who looks for your love. So never hesitate to express your love and affection.

3. Accept Changes In Life


My husband and I have been friends for a long time, together for almost eight years, and married just over a year. We’re in our mid-twenties so obviously the years we’ve been together have been a significant time of growth in each of our lives.

My biggest advice is to love and accept your partner for who they are and who they will be. It is important to give each other space to grow and thrive as individuals, and not project onto your partner your own ideas of who they are.

4. Make Time For Eachother


Another key factor to hold both of you lifelong is by spending time together. It’s better if you are able to make time for a weekend date, else try to spend time with each other once a month.

This could be a movie night, candlelight dinner or a vacation. If you are in a long-distance relationship make the use of digital ara and present with each other virtually.

By doing this, with the time you will see significant improvements in your long term relationship.

5. Increase The Love Chemicals


Love is a feeling and it improves with certain brain chemicals. Oxytocin is known as the bonding, trust, and cuddle hormone. You can easily boost oxytocin by watching romantic movies together, holding hands, cuddling, and long, loving eye contact.

Women usually have more oxytocin than men, however, as per recent studies, a man’s level of oxytocin goes up 500 percent after making love. So don’t miss a chance to be romantic with your man.

6. Don’t Compare


Don’t compare your relationship to other people as this can turn into dissatisfaction. Try to be more realistic and do what your long term relationship requires to survive. At the end of the day, you both know each other better than anyone else, so do what right for your relationship.

7. Do Something Different

Surprises can result in stronger bonds. If you get your partner’s heart rate up, they may associate the feeling of excitement with you and this will develop more strong feelings for you.

Giving some surprise gifts, surprise vacation plan or doing a romantic movie night can do the job for you. You can plan whatever your partner likes the most, after all, you know him better than anyone.

8. Increase Your Bond With Sexual Intimacy


Undoubtedly physical intimacy is another crucial thing to maintain long term relationships. This not only gives you both physical pleasure but also strengthens the bond between you two and keeps you both closer.

If you are planning to spend the rest of you with the man you love then there is nothing wrong to be romantic with him. Spend some close moments and you will notice the changes immediately.

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