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Google Rolls Out Gemini AI to iPhones and Android Users

The Gemini mobile app is now available in over 150 countries in English, Japanese, and Korean.

Google has begun pushing out its Gemini app for Android. While there is no dedicated app for iOS, iPhone users will see a button at the top of the Google app that allows them to enable and use the chatbot’s AI-powered functionality. The tech giant introduced the Android app on February 8, but it was only available in the United States. The software is now being expanded to over 150 nations and territories.

According to Google’s support page, the Gemini mobile app is currently accessible in English, Korean, and Japanese, and is being rolled out to over 150 countries and territories. The complete list of nations is available on Google’s support page.

iPhone users do not currently have a separate app, but they may access Gemini’s AI capabilities via the Google app, which now includes a toggle button in the top-right corner that gives access to the chatbot. LoudFact was able to confirm that the Gemini toggle is available in the Google app on iOS 17.2.1.

The Gemini app requires a smartphone with at least 4GB of RAM. It must also run Android 12 or later versions of Google’s operating system. Similarly, the Gemini toggle is available to iPhone users running iOS 16 or later. The AI service will only be available on smartphones that are configured to use English, Japanese, and Korean.

Finally, users must be signed in to a personal Google Account or a Workspace account with the feature enabled by the administrator. If you are still unable to access the app or the toggle, it is worth noting that the global deployment began on Thursday and is likely to continue for a few days.

Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director of Product at Google, who is also handling Gemini, revealed in a post on X (previously known as Twitter) that the Gemini app’s image uploading and image uploading and image generation were being somewhat relaxed. On the other hand, he stated, “We’ll continue to work through responsibly aligning on refusals with both images and text.” According to the Gemini CEO, additional features and expansion into new regions are now in the works.

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Some users who set Gemini as the default assistant over Google Assistant on Android handsets claimed that there was no clear indication of which in-device features the AI capable of performing. Krawczyk wrote in a post on Wednesday, “Working on making it more clear exactly which Assistant features are work in progress vs which are available now. (also working on narrowing that gap!)”

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