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YouTube Premium Gets High Bitrate 1080p Video on Android, Smart TVs

When switching devices, including smart TVs and tablets, YouTube Premium members can continue watching videos.

The cost of a YouTube Premium subscription has just been raised in different places. Premium members can view videos ad-free, listen to music or watch videos in the background, and stream high-quality videos. YouTube claims to have 80 million paid and trial Premium subscribers worldwide.

Now, the Google-owned company has unveiled new Premium features. YouTube users on all platforms, including smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets, will soon be able to watch videos at higher resolution. Some of the new features are also supported by artificial intelligence.

YouTube stated in a blog post that Premium users can now stream an improved bitrate version of 1080p videos on more platforms. The capability, which was initially available solely to iOS users, is now available to Android users.

Premium users can also watch high-quality videos on smart televisions and other Android devices such as tablets. The Quality menu option allows users to enable the 1080p High Bitrate capability.

A higher bitrate provides a higher quality viewing experience by providing more information per pixel, resulting in crisper, more detailed images. Google states that videos submitted in 1080p can only be eligible for a higher bitrate. Videos with resolutions higher or lower than 1080p, as well as live streams and YouTube Shorts, will not be supported by the 1080p Premium option.

Meanwhile, YouTube has introduced Conversation AI, which, when asked, can recommend videos similar to the one you’re watching or anything else linked to your search. According to the company, this AI chatbot can also answer questions about the video. You can go to the tool by selecting the Ask button. However, this feature is presently only available to Android users in the United States.

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Premium users can now continue watching a video from where they left off on another device with the same account while switching devices. For example, if you stop viewing a video on your phone and go to your TV, you can continue watching it. The video will be labeled Continue Watching on YouTube. Previously, this capability was only available to users who switched between phones and the Web. It is now available on all platforms.

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Long-term Premium subscribers can now obtain virtual badges that claim to reward users for their loyalty. Users over the age of 18 can earn these badges by using Premium features such as Afterparty, YouTube Music, and Continue Watching. You can learn how to obtain a locked badge by clicking on it on your YouTube account’s Your Premium benefits page.

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