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7 Crucial Signs Of High Metabolism Everyone Needs To Know

Metabolism is a chemical reaction that refers to everything the body does to keep us alive. This includes breaking down calories to repair cells. Hence it’s crucial to look for signs of high metabolism if you want to stay fit.

When something is wrong with our health, it can be hard to pinpoint the source of our issues, especially when we have multiple symptoms. One area we might neglect to consider is our metabolism or the system that converts food into energy.

If your metabolism is working properly, it will work efficiently without giving you any trouble. However, if it’s out of order then you may notice signs that your metabolism may be off.

It might not be something we think about every day, but our metabolism is an important part of our health, fueling our body’s necessary functions like energy and fatigue, periods, or even our hair and skin health.

Remember the best way to figure out why you might have a fast metabolism, is to speak with your doctor. They can figure out if it’s something you were born with, the result of a lifestyle change, or even a side effect of a health concern. However, you can look for certain signs of high metabolism to ensure whether you have a high metabolism or not and act accordingly.

Crucial Signs Of High Metabolism

1. You’re Hungry Most Of The Time


One of the crucial signs of a high metabolism is that you will feel hungry most of the time. People with high metabolism process up their consumed food into energy and hence they have more food requirements.

Even if you are eating and exercising as normal sometimes you may feel unsatisfied and look for food to satisfy your hunger. If you are experiencing these conditions then there is a higher probability that you have a high metabolism.

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2. Low BMI

A person with a high metabolic rate has a comparatively lower BMI than the desired value, as per the person’s height, age, and body type. Body Mass Index(BMI) is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.

A high BMI can be an indicator of high body fatness. BMI can be used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems but it is not diagnostic of the body fatness or health of an individual – CDC.

In short, those who are underweight are most likely to have a faster metabolism than those with normal body mass index or those who are overweight.

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3. High Energy Level


As I mentioned earlier, Metabolism refers to the process our body does to break down consumed food into energy. This is why some people have low energy while some others are just too much to work throughout the day. Having lots of energy is one of the signs of high metabolism which can be reflected by your speedier heart rate.

4. High Basal Body Temperature

A person with high metabolism commonly feels sweaty and hot all the time. Because of this, his or her basal body temperature remains high.

This happens because of the metabolic process that quickly happens in the body to generate more energy creating high temperatures.

When it comes to fat and weight issues, people with a high metabolism might have an easier time keeping weight off.

5. You Poop A Lot


As I mentioned earlier, if you have a high metabolism, you will feel hungry most of the time. In addition to that if you seem to poop frequently then consider this one of the signs of high metabolism.

Remember there may be a number of reasons behind the frequent bowel movements, so taking this sign as a conclusion should be the last thing you should do. Double-check everything with your doctor before getting to any conclusion.

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6. Irregular Periods


Studies have found that women with a high metabolism will typically experience an irregular cycle. Their cycle may begin late or last shorter.

This is because these girls do not have the needed amount of body fat to start or continue regular menstrual cycles. As a result, they may look thinner and have less energy levels just before and after the cycles.

7. Frequent Mood Swings


A common misconception about fast metabolism is that it’s ideal and desirable. Although it has its benefits, it has a lot of consequences that can be inconvenient, such as dizziness, trouble with sleep, and frequent mood swings.

Additionally having a rapid heart rate and frequent bowel movements are also unpleasant secondary symptoms to a high metabolic rate. So if you have experienced frequent mood swings then there is a higher chance that you have a fast metabolism.

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind, although these are common signs of a fast metabolism, it’s still better to ask a doctor’s opinion. They’ll let you know if you have something going on, such as hyperthyroidism, or if your fast metabolism is simply due to the way your body’s made. Additionally, they can recommend the best ways to address commonly linked concerns, like constant hunger pangs, high body temperature, and acne breakouts.

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