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10 Best Recliners For Sleeping In 2024 (Buying Guide)

Are you looking for the best recliners for sleeping? There are also a number of factors you need to consider when buying a recliner such as the padding, the number of positions it can be adjusted into, the price, and so on.

Finding the best recliner in the market today is a work of its own. Since there are so many products available in the market, it becomes hard to choose a product that is worth investing in.

For this, we have gone through a lot of products and created a list of the best recliners for sleeping by analyzing product price, design, material, and customer reviews.

Best Recliners For Sleeping

1. FirstClass Sleep-to-Stand True Lay-Flat Sleeping Recliner

4.1Our Score

Most lift chairs only partially recline, and others approach lay-flat positioning but the FIRSTCLASS chair is the only recliner that achieves true 180-degree positioning.

Just like first-class seats on modern airliners, true 180-degree positioning is the only way to fly. Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake feeling more refreshed. FIRSTCLASS lift chairs are the only chairs that are BOTH a CHAIR and a BED. Ideal for pain relief, and pressure sore prevention.

Most lift chairs have only 1 motor. This means that the footrest and backrest move in lock-step with no way to independently position them. It’s a one-size-fits-all system that doesn’t work well for most people.

FIRSTCLASS lift chairs feature 2 separate motors, allowing the backrest and footrest to being independently controlled. It allows the chair to fit you rather than you being forced to fit the chair. Better positioning means better comfort.


  • Heavy-Duty Lifting Motor
  • True 180 Lay Flat Positioning
  • LUXTOUCH Premium Bonded Leather
  • Easy-to-Use Remote Controlled Positioning
  • Easy-to-Use Remote Controlled Massage & Heating


  • You can feel the Message Modules
  • No ZERO GRAVITY setting

LoudFact Review: It’s very comfortable to lie on it. Massage is very comfortable too. Easy to use.

2. Irene House Infinite Position Lay Flat Recliner

4.5Our Score

Different from the traditional ones, the Irene House lift chair is powered by an electric and dual motor, each motor is extremely quiet, smooth, and independent. The backrest and footrest can be adjustable individually.

You can get any position you want easily, lifting this recliner by the 4 buttons hand controller. Push the entire chair up to help seniors to stand up easily, it’s ideal for people who have leg/back problems or people who are after surgery.

The backrest can be operated from 105°to 180°, and the footrest can be operated from 90° to 180°. The position lock of the lift chair is infinite. You can recline to almost level or any degree above that (with or without raising the footrest), and the seat lift―which can be raised and lowered to any desired degree―is an outstanding feature.

Comes with a lumbar pillow, which can support the waist, and widened backrest provide extra support for the body, more comfortable. The side pocket design creates a very convenient place for you to put remotes and other small belongings.

The stand-up recliner chair was designed with 4 vibrating massage nodes for the back, and lumbar, and one heating system for the lumbar. All the features can be controlled by the remote controller.

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  • High quality faux leather
  • Enhanced footrest
  • Ultra soft
  • Dual motor
  • Infinite position lock


  • No back/lumbar support
  • Remote control has no words

LoudFact Review: Fits medium sized person when extended. Massage and heat not extremely strong but adequate.

3. Comhoma Leather Recliner Chair

4.0Our Score

The stunning armchair with drink holders has been developed to the highest standards, providing strength, durability, and supreme comfort.

Comfortably padded gives comfort and support where it’s needed the most. This model offers soft padding, excellent lumbar support, and full chaise seating.

High-quality push-back recliner mechanism, place your hands on the armrests of the recliner, and in conjunction with pushing forward on the arms lean backward using your body weight to recline the chair.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfort
  • Ultra soft
  • Budget Friendly


  • Wrong labels on parts
  • Resistance is strong to stay reclined

LoudFact Review: The massager works well and the heater is throughout the entire chair not just your back or your butt.

4. Zero Wall Recliner with Power Headrest

4.3Our Score

The Galahad power recliner might look crisp, clean, and lean, but it’s packed with technologically advanced features that truly elevate the art of relaxation.

Its zero-gravity mechanism lifts the ottoman four inches higher than traditional recliners (23″ off the floor) for better blood flow from your legs to your heart.

With the touch of a button, let the stress of the day float away care of an air massage system (with three pampering settings) or get warm and toasty thanks to a heated seat element.

While ultra streamlined, this designer recliner doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. The seating area and armrests are upholstered in genuine leather for incomparable comfort – where it counts. Crosshatch stitching adds fashion-forward flair.


  • Galahad power recliner
  • Zero-gravity mechanism
  • Crosshatch stitching


  • Controls Position

LoudFact Review: Fully electronic, no more trying to get out of a reclined chair with your feet or handle to push.

5. Furniwell Rocker Recliner Chair with Massage

4.0Our Score

The recliner sofa uses sturdy faux leather to make the surface of the sofa, which makes the sofa look very smooth and sophisticated. The interior of the sofa is chosen with fluffy padding to fill the sofa, making the sofa very soft and you won’t feel hard.

This lounge recliner also has a vibration massage function. 8-point massage, 2 different vibration intensities, and 5 modes of adjustment. The heating function can further promote blood circulation during massage. When you open the footrest, put down the lumbar, turn on these functions and enjoy this comfortable time that belongs only to you.

This single sofa has many practical functions. It can lie down 140 degrees, which can effectively reduce the pressure on your back. 360 degrees of rotation allows you to freely choose the direction you want to face. 30 degrees of rocking can better help you relax.

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  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Massage and Heating
  • Rocking and Rotating
  • 360 degree swivel


  • No way to recline the footrest

LoudFact Review: Great value for the money. The black color looks slick and expensive.

6. ANJHOME Single Recliner

3.9Our Score

This lovely recliner is exquisitely designed and crafted to cater to the preference of most groups. Overstuffed and breathable features make the chair an excellent choice for daily rest. Classic but modern style will never go out of date.

This nice-look reclining sofa is great to match different kinds of furniture. No matter where you put the chair, it will make an outstanding statement and perfectly decorate your room.

The headrest and backrest is adequately filled with soft and elastic foam, providing considerate support to the body. Covered by breathable fabric, the padded cushion is really pleasant to feel and offers a wonderful seating experience.


  • Overstuffed Headrest
  • Padded Seat Area
  • Manual Control
  • Attractive Look


  • Foot rest is hard to put down

LoudFact Review: This recliner is very soft sturdy and most of all its comfortable.

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7. CANMOV Recliner Chair

4.0Our Score

Recliner with two overstuffed pillows on the head and back for different uses of reading a book, watching TV, and sleeping, provide extreme comfort for your neck, back, and lumbar. Smoothly reclining mechanism for a great lounging experience.

Pulls out the lever on the arm of the recliner to extend the footrest from the front for leg stretch and pull it back on the footrest with your heels until it locks in place when not in use. When retracting the footrest, you can lean forward and sit up upright, then use your heels to press against the middle of the footrest.

Luxurious breathable PU leather recliner with high-density foam and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) system to provide maximum comfort and stability, suitable for living room, bedroom, and home theater room, and brass nails set off a classic and luxurious style of decoration.


  • Breathable Leather Recliner
  • Easy to Operate
  • Heavy-Duty steel reinforced backrest
  • Fully upholstered chair pad


  • Not easy to put the leg rest down

LoudFact Review: The recliner is perfect and stylish, the materials seem of great quality, and it’s extremely comfortable.

8. MCombo Large Power Lift Recliner

4.3Our Score

Counter-balanced lift mechanism with a TUV certified motor pushes the entire chair up to assist the senior stand up easily without adding stress to the back or knees, smoothly adjust to the lift or reclining position you prefer by pressing two buttons.

The 4.7″ extended footrest will allow you to stretch your body more fully and support your feet well without cutting off circulation. It comes with 8 vibrating points around the chair and 1 lumbar heating point. Both can be turned off at a fixed time of 10/20/30 minutes.


  • Power Lift Assistance
  • Extended Footrest
  • Full-body Vibration & Lumbar Heating
  • USB Charging Ports & Cup Holders


  • USB port weak

LoudFact Review: Overall it’s good. The only minor downside is that the motor controlling heat and massage is rather loud.

9. Esright Massage Recliner

4.3Our Score

Would you like to relax your body and relieve stiff muscles in a comfortable chair when getting tired? Still, worry about a wonderful gift for your family or friend? Just try the Esright massage reclining chair.

The recliner chair has a wide sitting base and soft durable composite materials with a supportive back and padded armrests for ultimate comfort.

Multiple massage functions for 4 body zones by remote control will take away the stress of daily life, lumbar heated recliner also is good for blood circulation. Stylish colors match any home decor and simply wipe down with a clean cloth, which is easy to care for!


  • 5 Relaxing Function
  • Elegant and Friendly Design
  • Thick Padded
  • Manual Control Massage Recliner


  •  Bit narrow

LoudFact Review: This chair is super easy to set up and super comfortable.

10. Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner

4.0Our Score

Forget bubble baths or Bikram yoga, inspirational quotes or Indian incense. Now the highlight of the day is plopping down and kicking back in one of these super-comfy recliners.

So warm and inviting, you’ll reposition your mind and body and bring your spirit into near-perfect alignment. See how everything starts looking up once you’re in a reclining position.


  • Dual-function operation
  • Glider and recliner
  • Softly padded


  • Armrests are small

LoudFact Review: Came as advertised, easy to put together, consistently comfortable for long sitting sessions.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase then this blog may receive a commission. Although we receive a commission for using and linking affiliate products, they are extremely good and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased.

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