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The Best Electric Nail Files To Buy With Reviews

These versatile devices are designed to handle a variety of tasks, from shaping and smoothing to buffing and polishing.

Whether you’re a nail tech providing professional services or you want to take over your nail care at home, an electric nail file can give you effective results. Further, this nail drill or e-file can remove gel and acrylic nail polish without chemicals as well as help you perfect shape, buff, and fill your nails.

With a lot of products available in the market, it’s difficult to select an electric nail file. For this, we have gone through a lot of products and created a list by analyzing products feature, price, and customer reviews.

We also took a good look at the kind of bits, their sizes, and how many were included with the initial purchase. In the end, we’ve found some of the best e-files that make quick work of nail care.

What is an electric nail file?

An electric nail file, also known as an electric nail drill, is a tool used for shaping, filing, buffing, and grooming nails. It has a motor that spins various sorts of bits at varying speeds to accomplish nail care tasks.

Best Electric Nail Files

1. Lavinda Professional Electric Nail File

3.8Our Score
  • Stay Powered Your Way
  • Powerful E-file
  • High Speed up to 35000RPM
  • Complete and Variety of Accessories

Lavinda pink nail drill comes with a compact small controller which can be used as a hand bracket for the guest as its special fashion design.

The handpiece cradle locates in the center of it. Both save space on your desk. The drill bit holder on the controller allows you to put your favorite bit at your convenience.

This nail art machine also comes with 6pcs of different drill bits for widespread use. Adjustable speed from 2000-30000 RPM, low noise and low vibration, great for grinding, cutting, carving, removing gel polish and cuticles for natural nails, acrylic nails, and gel nails.

This is equipped with a smart LCD display that clearly shows the speed, F or R at work. The handpiece is made of high-quality aluminum alloy for a variety of 3/32-inch shank drills with a twist-lock system and lock logo that allows you to change the drill bit easily.

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Reviewer says: “It was easy to use. I’m just starting out and I wasn’t intimidated about using the drills. I definitely recommend this to anyone that is looking for a drill.” says one buyer.

2. WEIYI Portable Electric Nail Drill File

4.5Our Score
  • Compact & Convenient Design
  • Powerful & Adjustable Speed
  • Low Noise & Low Heat
  • Multi-Function Nail Drill

This electric file is used for manicures, pedicures, polishing, and removing excess cuticles. Its high quality and simple operation suit home use and nail salon.

Six types of drills meet your needs for nail art. It is easy to change the drill bit without tools, just pull it out and insert it. The small pen shape makes it easy to operate and portable.

Further, this comes with varying speeds from 0-20,000 RPM with a speed controller. The speed is adjustable so you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

A high-quality aluminum-alloy body and high-efficiency heat dissipation will make you feel low heat when you do a manicure or pedicure.

Reviewer says: “This product was great to use during the time nail salons were closed! A lot of friends ended up purchasing once they saw how easy it was to use.” says one buyer.

3. MelodySusie Electric Nail Drill

4.5Our Score
  • Multifunctional Nail Drill Kit
  • Low Heat & Low Noise & Low Vibration
  • Adjustable Speed & Direction
  • Portable & Durable

The MelodySusie portable nail drill is an all-in-one nail maintenance device that allows you to “bring your beauty salon home” and do your own manicures. Functional, versatile, and easy to use, it’s an essential tool for nail-care veterans and newcomers alike.

MelodySusie electric nail drill set comes with 11 kinds of 3/32” metal drill bits and 26 pcs sanding bands, all-round used for grinding, carving, cutting, polishing, and removing cuticle for acrylic nails natural nails, including everything that meets your needs at home or salon.

This efile nail drill is built with a powerful yet quiet motor with smart heat dissipation, keeping the nail drill machine low heat, low noise, and low vibration while using it. (Make sure to let the machine rest after 20 minutes of continuous use)

Compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry and portable to bring it out, you can so your nail artwork anytime anywhere. The antislip design of the nail drill enables you to hold the machine easily and safely.

Reviewer says: “This drill is great for beginners, easy to hold, and compact. Would definitely recommend it.” says one buyer.

4. Subay Electric Nail File

4.5Our Score
  • 20000rpm Electric Nail Drill
  • Compact Nail Drill Machine
  • All in One Acrylic Nail Drill
  • Easy to Use

This electric nail file comes with premium aluminum made with vents, which features highly efficient heat dissipation, low noise, and vibration, and longer working extends the service life.

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The main machine is exclusively designed with 6 holes inserted into nail drill bits, making it more convenient for use, it outstandingly features stable operation, and long usage life, which saves more time and money.

Just an electric nail file that meet all your needs, multifunctional use for nails prep, acrylic nails, gel nails, dip powder nails, thick nails, manicure & pedicure, callus removal, routing, polishing, etc.

Reviewer says: “I’m very pleased with the product. It works really well. I was able to give my husband a pedicure and he loved it.” says one buyer.

5. Glynee Portable Electric Nail File

4.0Our Score
  • High Speed Up to 30000RPM
  • Smart LCD Screen Display
  • Rechargeable and Portable
  • Easy to use

The rechargeable nail Drill machine is speed designed with high adjustable from 0 to 30000 RPM (MIN to Max) with the speed control knob, which can meet your multiple nail care need at the same time.

The smart LCD screen shows the speed and battery making it more convenient to make your manicure. The acrylic nail drill comes with 6 different metal grinding heads. It is a perfect gift for both professional technicians in-salon and newbies who start their nail art journey at home.

This cordless electric nail drill set for acrylic nail full recharge time of about 4 hours, and can be used continuously for up to 5 hours. the LCD display of this electric grinder tool for acrylic nail can clearly display the product speed and battery remaining capacity.

A portable hook and lightweight design make it easy to carry and bring it out, you can enjoy your nail artwork anytime anywhere.

Reviewer says: “Great product!! I got this for my daughter for her birthday yesterday and she loves it. Her nails came out looking beautiful after she used it. It also feels really sturdy and seems like great quality so it should last her a long time. Its noise is also very minimal which is a great perk.” says one buyer.

6. BESTOPE Electric Nail File

4.2Our Score
  • USB Rechargeable Nail Drill
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Dual Rotation & Controllable Speed
  • Unique Magnetic Storage Case

BESTOPE cordless manicure & pedicure set is designed with USB charging, very convenient to use anywhere at any time. Professional for both home and salon use for grinding, carving, sanding, shaping, polishing, and removing callus, and also suitable for pet nail sanding.

The nail drill kit is made of top-quality material, compact and lightweight, which is easier to handle and perfectly used for nail salons as well as beginner use in home/travel.

With unique clockwise and counterclockwise rotations, 8 speeds, and low noise, a portable nail drill machine will give you the most comfortable manicure & pedicure experience without any hurt.

The cordless nail drill comes with a magnetic storage case, so you can easily find and store these nail drill bits. The exquisite packaging makes it a wonderful gift for your loved one.

Reviewer says: “My sister said this’s more useful than the other one she uses before. This nail drill is very easy to install and use. And the weight is not heavy, it’s suitable for ladies.” says one buyer.

7. Belle Electric Nail File

4.3Our Score
  • High-Performance Operation
  • Brushless Motor Excellence
  • Versatile and Comfortable Design
  • Durable and Long-Lasting Build

Belle cordless nail drill built-in 2600mAH battery. Compact lightweight, Quick charge system – 2 hours full charge after 10 hours charge for the first time, 8-10 hours of battery life.

This brushless nail drill machine features a Japanese Branded 2000RPM-35,000RPM bearing, high precision with 0.015mm coaxiality max.

Belle E File features a TFT display, elegant wine glass looks, and popular gradients purple metal cover. It has a Unique removable nail drill transparent case built 2 in 1 handpiece hook and belt clip.

This electric nail drill comes with a premium carrying bag including special customized high-quality 3/32” bits made of durable ceramic and carbide. The manicure kit is also suitable for nail salon on-site service.

Reviewer says: “This drill not only looks so pretty but it works so good. It’s really quiet like it says and works like a champ. I’m going to buy another one just to have !!! The bits were pretty decent also.” says one buyer.

Electric Nail Files Buying Guide

Selecting the right electric nail file can significantly improve your nail care routine, whether for home usage or professional manicures and pedicures. Here’s a complete guide on selecting the best electric nail file for your needs.

Speed and Power

RPM: Look for a file with configurable speeds, which normally range between 5,000 and 30,000 RPM. Higher speeds are best for professionals, but lower speeds are safer for beginners.

Power: Ensure that the equipment is powerful enough to handle both natural and acrylic nails without stalling.


Select a model with a comfortable, non-slip grip to reduce hand fatigue while using. A lightweight design is easier to operate and control, especially when used for lengthy periods. If you intend to travel with your nail file, select a compact, portable one.


Look for a set that includes a variety of attachments such as sanding bands, file bits, and polishing heads to meet your specific nail care needs. Further, make sure the device works with standard replacement bits so you can easily buy replacements.

Ease of Use

Look for basic controls, such as a speed dial or a digital display. The device should be simple to set up and operate straight out of the box, with clear instructions included.

Safety Features

Check whether the product has overload protection as this feature protects the device from overheating and increases its longevity. Further, some models will shut down if they detect overheating or another problem.

Price and Brand Reputation

Determine your budget and look for models that offer the best features within that range. Further, check customer reviews and ratings to gauge the product’s reliability and performance. Further, go with reputable brands as they often offer better quality and customer support.

Tips for Using Electric Nail Files

  • If you’re just starting out, start with lower speeds and gradually increase as you gain confidence.
  • Different bits have been designed for different reasons. Make sure you use the right bit for filing, shaping, or polishing.
  • To preserve your equipment in excellent working condition, clean and replace bits on a regular basis.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions to avoid damage and extend the life of your device.


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, investing in a reliable electric nail file that’s tailored to your needs will save you time while delivering salon-quality results. With the right electric nail file, you’ll have a smoother, more enjoyable manicure care experience that keeps your nails looking their best.


Are electric nail files safe to use at home?

Yes, electric nail files are safe to use at home if used properly. To avoid injury or nail damage, start with lower speeds, use the right bits, and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully.

What type of bits are available for electric nail files?

Electric nail files provide a variety of bits for different applications, such as:

Sanding Bands: Used for shaping and smoothing.
Diamond Bits: Used for precision filing and cuticle work.
Carbide Bits: To remove gel or acrylic nails.
Buffing Bits: Used to polish and add shine.

How do I select the right electric nail file?

Consider things like speed and power, design and ergonomics, noise and vibration levels, supplied attachments, and company reputation. Look for models with adjustable speeds and a variety of bits to maximize versatility.

Can electric nail files be used for manicures and pedicures?

Most electric nail files are suitable for both manicures and pedicures. They often come with attachments suitable for the thicker toenails and finer detailing needed for fingernails.

What to do if my electric nail file overheats?

If your electric nail file overheats, switch it off and allow it to cool before using it again. Overheating might indicate extended use at high speeds. Consider using slower speeds and taking breaks to avoid overheating.

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase then this blog may receive a commission. Although we receive a commission for using and linking affiliate products, they are extremely good and all our opinion and suggestions are unbiased.

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